Will there be a spin-off of The Umbrella Academy?

This article discusses whether there will be any additional episodes of The Umbrella Academy and does not contain any major spoilers.

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When a show is successful, especially one based on ever-expanding source material, there is always talk of spin-offs. Umbrella Academy is a hugely popular project on Netflix right now, and it has plenty of room for potential sequels and spin-offs. In this article, I will explore all of these possible future projects and assess the likelihood that any of them will actually see the light of day. Here is a breakdown of all possible spin-off series:

Will there be a spin-off of the series Umbrella Academy?

Animation series

Walking Dead the franchise has spawned numerous spin-offs, and boys released an animated series called Boys Present: Devilish earlier this year, as well as working on a college spin-off. This franchise building has become commonplace, so it’s no wonder Umbrella Academy also takes part in the action. They could very easily follow boys with an anthology of animated shorts.

The comic book series has already released four of its own stories: “Mon Dieu!”, “… But the past is not over with you yet”, “Safety” and “Anywhere but here.” As well as a one-shot titled “Hazel and Cha-Cha Save Christmas.” These shorts focus on one-off storylines, including a murder mystery and a flashback to when the Umbrellas formed a punk rock band. They can be light and fun, with room to try out many different animation styles, such as Love, death and robots. The series can also shed light on many secondary characters such as Christopher, Pogo, and the killer triplets. Or, for example, dive more into the secrets of the Commission. The possibilities here are truly endless. I’d say it’s a doable spin-off, but it won’t be high on the Netflix agenda.

Victor Spin-off

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčreportedly planning a spin-off series about Elliot Page and his character Victor, although there has been no official confirmation of this yet. The article was published back in 2020 on We Got This Covered with a scoop. He’s not my favorite character, but there are many ways to play in this show. Focusing on his transition in more detail, his early years when Reginald muted his powers, or time away from the Academy. This ten-year gap is rife with opportunities. This is another spin-off series that I could see, but it would definitely be overshadowed by Klaus’ project.

Klaus Spin-off

Creator Steve Blackman spoke about the many possible spin-off shows featuring beloved Klaus at the Season 2 press conference. Speaking to Digital Spy, he mentioned that “Klaus & Ben” or “Klaus & Diego” has its own six-part limited series, exploring the “ever-changing” fast-paced duo in their own mini-adventures. Actor Robert Sheehan has also expressed a desire to direct Klaus & Luther. But the Klaus spin-off’s best showing comes from Gerard Way’s latest comic book title, You Look Like Death.

You Look Like Death takes place roughly ten years prior to the series and focuses on eighteen-year-old Klaus who moves to Hollywood and, like you, becomes entangled with a vampire drug lord. It sounds like he has the biggest potential, as fan favorite Klaus lives in California, meeting a whole host of quirky characters. If a Umbrella Academy continues to attract viewers, Netflix may well consider adapting this miniseries in hopes of further expanding this franchise.

What do you think of these spin-off show ideas? What spin-off series from The Umbrella Academy would you like to see? Please comment below.

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