Will John Butler Jr. hear his name on Thursday night?

A little over three weeks ago Florida State Freshman John Butler Jr. decided to stay in the player pool for the 2022 NBA draft instead of returning to the former Soviet Union for his second season.

On Thursday night, he’ll find out if what some see as a gamble in what some see as a gamble, he’ll pay off by getting his name heard in two rounds of the 2022 NBA draft.

The 7-foot, 174-pound forward/center, who turns 20 this December, has appeared in 31 games, starting 24 as a freshman. He averaged 18.9 minutes per game while scoring 5.9 points and grabbing 3.2 boards per game.

Butler’s analysis on, which was influenced by his participation in the NBA Combine last month, includes the following description: An exceptionally tall, lean center who has played a complementary role in Florida State as a true freshman, but fits into a unique form with a combination of height, shooting ability and potential as a rim guard.

A full breakdown via Synergy Sports can be found at here.

The 2022 NBA Draft will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. NBA Draft picks start immediately after 8:00 pm (ABC/ESPN). The Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat were drafted by the NBA in the second round of 2022 due to rigging infractions.

As of Wednesday evening, Butler Jr. was not to be selected by,, or The Sporting News in their two-round full tryout drafts. Meanwhile, on, Butler was drafted 30th overall at the end of the first round (by the Denver Nuggets in a trade).

The Orlando Magic are in first place overall. The full order of the NBA draft is listed below:

1st round:

1. Orlando
2 Oklahoma City
3. Houston
4. Sacramento
5. Detroit
6. Indiana
7. Portland
8. New Orleans (from Los Angeles Lakers)
9. San Antonio
10. Washington
11. New York
12. Oklahoma City (from Los Angeles Clippers)
13. Charlotte
14. Cleveland
15. Charlotte (from New Orleans)
16. Atlanta
17. Houston (from Brooklyn)
18. Chicago
19. Minnesota
20. San Antonio (from Toronto)
21. Denver
22. Memphis (from Utah)
23. Philadelphia
24. Milwaukee
25. San Antonio (from Boston)
26. Dallas
27. Miami
28. Golden State
29. Memphis
30. Oklahoma City (from Phoenix)

2nd round:

31. Indiana (from Houston via Cleveland)
32. Orlando
33. Toronto (from Detroit via San Antonio, Washington and Chicago)
34. Oklahoma City
35. Orlando (from Indiana via Milwaukee)
36. Portland
37. Sacramento
38. San Antonio (from Los Angeles Lakers via Chicago and Washington)
39. Cleveland (from San Antonio via Utah)
40. Minnesota (from Washington via Cleveland)
41. New Orleans
42. New York
43. Los Angeles Clippers
44. Atlanta
45. Charlotte
46. ​​Detroit (from Brooklyn)
47. Memphis (from Cleveland via New Orleans and Atlanta)
48. Minnesota
49. Sacramento (from Chicago via Memphis and Detroit)
50. Minnesota (from Denver via Philadelphia)
51. Golden State (from Toronto via Philadelphia)
52. New Orleans (from Utah)
53. Boston
– Milwaukee (confiscated)
– Miami (from Philadelphia via Denver; confiscated by Miami)
54. Washington (from Dallas)
55. Golden State
56. Cleveland (from Miami via Indiana)
57. Portland (from Memphis via Utah)
58. Indiana (from Phoenix)

Besides John Butler, Jr., a former Seminole security guard Anthony Polite and go Malik Osborne are also part of the pool of players for the 2022 NBA draft.

Stay tuned to for the 2022 NBA draft as it concerns former Seminoles.

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