Why Netflix added a violence warning card to the Stranger Things season 4 premiere

very strange things was a resounding success for Netflix. But the series will soon come to an end. The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, have confirmed that Season 5 will be the last installment of the hit series. In the meantime, millions of fans are watching the final season. And in keeping with the sci-fi/horror genre, Season 4 kicks off with a terrifying episode. Because it could remind viewers of the recent tragedy, Netflix added an on-screen warning.

Season 4 is the penultimate episode of the series.

Stranger Things season 4 warning

Stranger Things Season 4: Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven | Netflix

Matt and Ross Duffer, also known as the Duffer Brothers, confirmed this. very strange things The fifth season will be the last in the series. The final season consists of two volumes. The first one came out at the end of May. The rest will be available for viewing on July 1.

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