Why fans want (and deserve) a second season

Julie and the Ghosts was huge Netflix success in the second half of 2020. The show was loved by fans all over the world and was a success immediately after the release. The show has been buzzing all over social media since its release and fans couldn’t stop talking about it. So why shouldn’t the show get a second season? Shows that performed the worst are constantly updated, so Julie and the Ghosts Renewing Netflix won’t be difficult, right? Wrong.

After immediate success Julie and the Ghosts Fans have been eagerly waiting for the show to resume. Instead, Netflix has left fans and stars of the show in the dark about the show’s renewal. Netflix seemed to avoid any confrontation instead of telling fans and stars the truth about their upcoming cancellation; Unfortunately, Netflix had no idea what kind of storm was coming when they finally announced the show’s cancellation.


What is Julie and the Ghosts?

Julie and the Ghosts it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has something for everyone. The show is about a young girl with a widowed father and younger brother who struggle with the death of their mother. The young girl, Julie, has musical ability, but that was what she did with her mom, so it’s hard for her to sing without her. Julie goes to a performing arts school and therefore also fails to complete assignments properly.

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One day, Julie plays a random CD she found at her mom’s studio and three teenage ghosts appear who were band members on the CD she just played. These boys died shortly after they started making music (from eating tainted hot dogs) and are there with unfinished business. As it turns out, their unfinished business involves playing a lot of music, which Julie is currently struggling to do. Julie teams up with the Phantoms and creates a group where they all help each other overcome their problems. Julie and her connection to her mother, and the boys with their untimely deaths and what it means for their families. They overcome all these difficult problems with the help of some good music and normal teen drama.

Was it successful?

Yes! The show captivated audiences around the world on Netflix and generated a lot of buzz in its opening weekend, reaching number one and best rising show on Netflix. The show was also very popular on the Internet, which attracted even more fans who searched for the show. While Netflix is ​​a platform that has made significant strides around the world, Julie and the Ghosts definitely makes a list. The show has become a hit with fans of all ages, from all walks of life and from all corners of the world.

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Julie and the Ghosts was also critically successful. The show (released in 2020) was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards in 2021. That’s a lot! Now you might be asking yourself if this show was successful in every way, why are we here writing an article pleading for a second season? Great question, but we might have to ask Netflix about it, which has been oddly quiet about it. So, this is addressed to Netflix: why cancel a show that has made you successful in every way and advertise it in all kinds of media?

Why do they need a second season?

We have already covered the important points. It makes sense to resurrect a show that has been a critical and commercial success, especially considering the show has also been nominated for 13 Emmys. These are all good reasons to renew, but Julie and the Ghosts has even more reasons to upgrade. Fans of the show came in droves to support these characters they love so much. It’s normal to see an outpouring of love for a canceled show, but not in the same way as the fans. Julie and the Ghosts.

Fans wrote a petition to revive the show, which recently garnered 190,000 signatures., and spread the news of the cancellation on social media. The more fans heard about the very quiet cancellation, the more they complained and signed the petition. The highly successful and iconic Kenny Ortega was the show’s producer. You may know him from hits like everyone High School Music School movie. Ortega has worked with Disney quite frequently over the years, and fans are hoping that Disney+ will pick up the series.

To be honest, we have no idea what the future of this show is. The most fans can do is keep signing petitions and hope another service picks them up. Ortega could be the key to attraction Julie and the Ghosts back, especially if he takes it to another streaming service.

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