Who is starring in the Netflix mystery series?

Get ready because Maldives will become your next favorite treat to watch on Netflix!

The new original series will keep you guessing all the time. You will hold on to the edges of your seats as you try to figure out who was responsible for the horrific sudden death. Plus, you will definitely be captivated by the seductive relationships and spicy drama between all these characters.

Want to know more about who’s in this new series? If so, read on to find out all about the Netflix cast. Maldives.

Maldivian actors and characters

MALDIVES. (From left to right) NATALIA KLEIN as VERONIKA in the MALDIVES. Cr. RACHEL TANUGI/Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Natalya Klein as Veronica

Veronica is a character who does not seek to merge with the inhabitants of the Maldives. She is described as an “outsider” who, for various reasons, doesn’t get along too well with the local women. As pushy as she is, we are sure she will voice the reasons why she does not want to associate with the Maldives.

In addition to this role, Natalia Klein starred in Fred and Lucy, Machoand co-created the 2020 series. Matches. Her next title Perrengue situationon the way soon.

Sharon Menezes as Reiss

Raissa is one of many residents of the Maldives. She is the wife of Kaua (Samuel Melo), the former vocalist of their band. Now that she and her husband have put down the microphones, they are living a rather extravagant life in a condominium in Rio de Janeiro.

In the past, the famous Brazilian actress Sharon Menezes starred in shows such as Ambitious women, Lady Revolutionas well as A life worth living. She is about to star in yet another exciting film titled Karga Maxima.

As for Samuel Melo, you can find this actor in The power of desire like Dario and Mind Dia Qualker like Robson.

MALDIVES. (left to right) MANU GAVASSI as MILENA in the MALDIVES. Cr. RACHEL TANUGI/Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Manu Gavassi as Mylene

Mylene may very well be the type of woman that Veronica can’t stand, especially since she’s the queen bee of the Maldives. In addition to managing apartments, she lives an impeccable life with her even more impeccable husband Victor. However, her ideal life may just be a façade.

Maldives is Manu Gavassi’s last role, but you’ve definitely seen this skilled actress before in TV shows and movies like Socorro, Virey uma Garoth! as well as Z4. I wonder what projects she will star in next!

Klebber Toledo as Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo is a renowned plastic surgeon in his community. He, along with his wife Milena, is seen as someone who has a life that many would kill for. But since he knows more than anyone else, appearances are deceiving.

Klebber Toledo can be found in many popular TV series. From the 2016 show The good side of life! for the 2017 sci-fi series Formula before 2018 drama iron islandToledo did it all!

Carol Castro as Kat

On the surface, Kat is a person that others cannot easily trust. Of course, she is a mother, but she is also the wife of Gustavo (Guilherme Winter), a man who is currently under house arrest. The reason he’s serving his sentence is still unknown, but whatever it is, we’re sure Cat will have a lot to explain.

Don’t worry, Carol Castro is nowhere near as suspicious as her character! Instead, she is a very well-known personality in the acting business, mainly due to her roles in Bang Bang, pure beauty, Failure in the futureas well as Insania.

Guilherme Winter is also an established actor. Find his star in Joseph from Egypt as well as A wish.

MALDIVES. (From left to right) ENZO ROMANI as DENILSON in the MALDIVES. Cr. RACHEL TANUGI/Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Enzo Romani as Denilson

Denilson is a talented investigator tasked with putting everything together to solve this murder case. He is someone who will stop at nothing to complete his mission, even if it means blending in with the Maldivian crowd and earning the trust of the people he is bound to betray.

If you love Denilson immensely, then we are sure you will feel the same for many of Enzo Romani’s other roles, as this actor is always a great performer. You can see the gypsies in Call me Bruna, rock historyand his upcoming project No Mundo da Luna should appear in 2023.

Danilo Mesquita as Miguel

Miguel is the fiancé of our main character Liz. Like her, he comes from the countryside, so perhaps he is also determined to get to the bottom of who killed his late mother-in-law-to-be. In addition, he can serve as Liz’s voice of reason whenever she is approached by snobbers.

Danilo Mesquita starred in rock history, Second chanceas well as When we were six. You can catch his star as Tito in the 2020 title. Ricos de Amor.

MALDIVES. (From left to right) BRUNA MARKEZINE as LIZ in the MALDIVES. Cr. RACHEL TANUGI/Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Bruna Marquezine as Liz

Last but not least, our main character Liz, played by none other than Bruna Marquezine.

Liz gave up her life in her hometown to move to the Maldives. There, she hoped to rekindle her relationship with her mother, but when it was revealed that her mother had died in a mysterious fire, she now knows she’ll have to do more than just relax by the pool and sip Mai Tais – she has a mystery to solve.

Unlike his character, Marquezin lives a rather carefree, cold life. According to her instagram— who has a whopping 42.9 million followers — she either travels the world in her designer clothes or goes swimming on the beach.

Be sure to follow Bruna Marquezin on Instagram and Twitter. Also, follow her on conquest as well as blue beetle, her next projects. In the meantime, check it out in the official trailer Maldives below.

See Bruno Marquezin, Enzo Romani and other actors in Maldivesnow broadcast only on Netflix.

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