Where is the return of Kali and Will’s sister Eleven?

In 2017, Netflix released the second season of the series very strange things, the streamer’s most popular series to date. The show’s second season received very positive reviews and was generally a success. However, this season produced one of the lowest rated episodes of all time, in which they introduced a key character from Eleven’s past (Millie Bobby Brown). It was the character of her “sister”, who was also experimented on by Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), but who escaped long before Eleven. However, this is the last character seen, and viewers wonder why that is.

In an episode called “The Lost Sister”, viewers were introduced to Kali/Eight (Linnea Berthelsen). Kali, who can conjure images in the minds of others, lives on the street with a gang that hates Brenner as much as Eleven does. Throughout the episode, Kali teaches Eleven how to hone their abilities and they begin to bond. However, this connection is short-lived before Al returns to Hawkins and leaves his “sister”.


This is the last thing Kali is seen in the series, except for a brief mention and flashback in the fourth season. However, fans are left wondering why Eight is never shown in any other flashbacks in the new season, especially since he is so strongly associated with Eleven’s time at the Brenner facility. Many other “brothers and sisters” of the Eleven are shown, but Kali is only mentioned minimally. Fans have already begun to speculate what this could mean for the character and her place on the show.

Vecna/Kali fan theories

In the fourth season of the nostalgia-filled Netflix series, Eleven undergoes hypnosis treatment to regain his powers. In this treatment, Brenner sends her back through her memories and viewers get a glimpse of the time she spent in the institution where she spent most of her childhood. Here viewers can see, as the episodes show, the different abilities of children at Hawkins National Laboratory. There is Ten, a kind child who has the ability to telepathy, which is shown quite early in the season. Two are also introduced. However, he is shown to be a real bully and a champion in Brenner’s circuit game, where he forces the kids to use their powers against each other. Finally, viewers are introduced to One, an incredibly powerful man with a sneaky sociopathic streak. But where does Kali fit in all this?

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One explanation for Kali not appearing in a flashback in Season 4 could be that Brenner controls the flow of Eleven’s memories in an experiment to keep her on track to regain her powers. Kali also appears to have escaped prior to the events Eleven returns to. However, this does not seem to be sufficient to explain per very strange things fansas one tweeted:

“I can’t be the only one who expected Eight, Eleven’s sister from the previous season, to appear in Season 4. Seems, [like] big plot hole for me.”

Some fans have speculated that Kali may be related to Vecna, the main villain of the fourth season. This is due to the fact that they have similarities associated with the manipulation of consciousness. Vecna ​​can make people see things that aren’t there, just like Kali, including spiders, which have been shown to make their victims appear to be a threat. Although Vecna ​​appears to be more powerful than Kali, the similarity has led many fans to speculate that this means that Kali will play an important role in defeating Vecna.

One fan noted the scene in Season 4 where Dustin scores 11 in the Hellfire Club game. vs. Vecna D&Dsaying

“Thinking about how Erika’s attack that defeated Vecna ​​in a DnD game was only 20.11 but 011 + 008 + 001 = 020 failed. Will El and Kali be able to turn 001’s powers against him to defeat Vecna ​​in the end? »

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Another noted the need for the return of Kali:

“Since the only surviving children of Hawkins Lab are One, Eleven and Eight, this means that Kali MUST return. [I don’t care] As much as people love her, she has been integral to El’s growth and can help stop Vecna ​​(and by extension, Dr. Brenner).”

The possibility of returning Kali

Although there are only two episodes left of the fourth season, two of them are revealed to be feature-length episodes, giving more than enough time for the “lost sister” to return to the ranks. However, if she doesn’t show up, Eight can always reappear in the show’s fifth and final season.

Back in 2017, the Duffers (who created the popular TV series) were teased Hollywood Reporter in an interview and said that it would be strange if they didn’t “decide [her] storyline” and “the chances of her coming back are very high.” So it’s possible Eight will return to the series, but will it be sooner or later?

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