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Ron Harper Jr is days away from potentially joining another exclusive group of former Scarlet Knights.

Rutgers the star could become the 20th player in program history to be selected in the NBA draft on Thursday when the 2022 event takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Harper appeared for several teams throughout the draft process, taking part in the NBA draft unification and has reportedly worked for the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz.

Harper may very well be the first Scarlet Knight drafted since Hamadi N’Diaye finished 56th overall with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010, but according to those predicting how Thursday night will play out, that’s not so.

With two days left until the 2022 NBA draft, here’s where Harper is performing in multiple tryout drafts: No. 39 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Appearance: “A probable second round pick who will likely lose some due to his lack of NBA body and overall speed, however he has a great chance of becoming one of those drafted sleepers if he falls very far… The numbers to be one of the most NBA-ready players, provided he can adapt to the speed and agility of NBA athletes, especially on defense.”

Yahoo! Sports: No. 58 with Cleveland Cavaliers

perspective: “A big defenseman who hit several game winners in his senior year at Rutgers. He is not afraid of the big moment and has a decent first flank move to outflank the defenders.”

Athletic: No. 54 to the Washington Wizards (via Dallas Mavericks)

perspective: “Squad, Stash or G-League: League G. Based on his high school shot count, he’ll probably be in the lineup right away. But he needs to learn how to be a better playmaker on both ends of the floor.”

ESPN: No. 55 with the Golden State Warriors

ESPN’s project layout doesn’t include ads for players scheduled for the second round, but the world leader has a unique tool that predicts the first four years of NBA prospects’ careers based on many factors. The methodology, according to the site, is an aggregated projection model of five sub-models that are built from ESPN Draft Expert rankings, opponent-adjusted NCAA scores, combined measurements, international production, and AAU production.

Harper’s prediction gives him a 1.8% chance of making an NBA All-Star Game, a 17.4% chance of making a starter, a 68% chance of being a bench, and a 12.8% chance of not making the NBA.

The model lists former NBA players that each prospect resembles based on aggregation of measures including height, weight, and various NCAA career scores for each prospect adjusted for opponent. For Harper, there are three similar players on the list: Matt Barnes, Lamar Patterson and Kennedy Winston.

Here’s what else they have to say about Harper in a different form from the draft:

— John Hollinger of The Athletic kept Harper out of the top 75 prospects in the 2022 draft class.. In a comment, Hollinger said that Harper was one of his last cuts.

“He knows exactly what he is like as a player, he needs to get in better shape, but I think he will probably get a two-way game.”

— Seth Davis, Athletic’s lead basketball writer, asked a group of scouts their “cruelly honest” bribes on the 50 most promising players who were in college basketball last season.

Of Harper they said:

“I don’t know if he is an NBA player positionally. He got between three and four, and he’s not a great athlete. He had an amazing career. I don’t really know where you play it. If he moves up to the G-League and scores 20 points per game, someone will give him a chance. Everyone who has weight problems scares me. I wouldn’t take him in the second round, but someone can.”

– AT HoopsHype’s latest dummy aggregatewhich collects predictions from ESPN, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, The Ringer, Sports Illustrated, NBADraft.netCBS Sports, SB Nation, Yahoo, Basketball News and USA TODAY’s For The Win, Harper averages 64th among prospects, leaving him outside the pool of 58 players to be selected.

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