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Season 6 of Riverdale will be available on Netflix worldwide, but the exact date will depend on where you live. Outside the United States, you get weekly episode releases, with new episodes coming to Netflix every Monday. The United States will have to wait a little longer. Here’s the full schedule of when Riverdale Season 6 will be available on Netflix.
The long-running CW show is something everyone despises. The series based on the Archie comics is still one of the best on the network and also performed well on Netflix.

Due to filming delays caused by the global pandemic, Riverdale season 5 premiered on The CW in early October 2021. This means that residents of the United States still do not have access to Season 5.
As you may have heard, Season 6 will be the penultimate season and Season 7 will be the last. The number of episodes for the final season has yet to be announced, but it is expected to release in 2023. It, like all previous seasons, will be available on Netflix.

Given that Riverdale and Sabrina come from the same place in the Archie comics universe, this took a while. Katy Keene, despite not being on Netflix, exists in the same reality.
On October 8, Kiernan Shipka announced that she would reprise her role as Sabrina Spellman. “From Greendale to Riverdale” was the announcement.
Shipka starred in Warner Brothers Television’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a four-season Netflix Original series that sees her featured in Riverdale.

Riverdale Season 6 Weekly Episodes on Netflix

Once again, episodes of Season 6 of Riverdale will be available to viewers outside of the United States the day after they premiere on The CW.
Every location outside of the US gets a new episode on the Tuesday before it becomes available on Netflix at 8:00 GMT. This covers Netflix in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the UK.
It’s important to keep in mind that the show will be taking a short break after episode 5 before returning on March 21st.

Episode 1 – Welcome to Riverdale November 17
Episode 2 – Ghost Stories November 24
Episode 3 – Mr. Cypher December 1st
Episode 4 – Witching Hour(s) December 8th
Episode 5 – The Jughead Paradox December 15
Episode 6 – Incredible March 21
Episode 7 – Death at a Funeral March 28
Episode 8 – April 4th City
Episode 9 – The Serpent Queen Gambit April 11
Episode 10 – Folk Heroes April 18
Episode 11 – Angels in America April 25
Episode 12 – In the Fog May 2
Episode 13 – Bookplate May 9th
Episode 14 – Poisonous May 16
Episode 15 – Things that fall apart on the night of May 23rd
Episode 16 – Blue Collar May 30
Episode 17 – Chapter 112: American Psychos June 13
Episode 18 – Chapter 113: Bible June 27
Episode 19 – TBD July 11
Episode 20 – TBD, July 18*
Episode 21 – TBD, July 25*
Episode 22 – TBD July 1*

It should also be noted that not all regions are covered by this weekly schedule. The release of season 6 in Latin America will take place no earlier than next year. According to JustWatch, Season 5 has only recently arrived on Netflix Brazil. This applies to Netflix in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.
As of February 2022, the fifth season of Riverdale has not yet appeared on Netflix in South Africa or Spain.

The New Riverdale seasons are usually one of the last to arrive in the US. Watching it live or using the CW app is the best way to start season six.
Under a longstanding deal between Netflix US and The CW, episodes are sent to Netflix about a week or so after the season finale.
We don’t expect Riverdale Season 6 to be available on Netflix in the US until August 9, 2022, given the previously mentioned 22-episode schedule. You can expect Riverdale Season 6 to premiere in August 2022, although that date is tentative and could move a few days anyway.

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