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Netflix recently released new seasons of several of the series everyone is talking about, the most popular of which are Love, Death & Robots, Stranger Things, and Who Killed Sarah.

Love, Death & Robots is a series of animated short films for adults in genres ranging from science fiction and fantasy to mysticism and horror. As with shows like Black Mirror, each episode is different and takes viewers into a new dimension.

The Emmy-winning series just released its third volume on the platform and it’s been receiving great reviews. The Spool, a pop culture news portal, describes the new release as the show’s best form and “an outlet for animators to prove that their work can still be crafty and relevant, even if it’s not made for kids.” The new volume is particularly praised for its animation style and exploration of topics that can really resonate with viewers.

As of this writing, Love, Death & Robots has not been renewed by Netflix for a fourth season.

Next on our list is the hit series Stranger Things. The show centers around a group of friends who grew up in 1980s Indiana who witness supernatural phenomena and find themselves in strange situations while trying to find answers. Notable actors on the show include Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard and Winona Ryder.

The series was nominated for several Golden Globe Awards as well as a Grammy for Visual Media. Its fourth season was released just after a three-year hiatus and is heavily focused on the development of the main characters, their transition into high schoolers, and deciphering the supernatural phenomena around them.

The show was confirmed for its fifth and final season this February.

Finally, we have Who Killed Sarah. The Mexican detective drama tells the story of Alex Guzmán, a man seeking revenge after he is framed and wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his sister Sarah. As he progresses towards eventually finding the real culprit, secrets about the history of the Guzman family, Sarah’s life, and what led to her untimely disappearance begin to unravel.

The show features actors such as Litzi Balderas, Manolo Cardona and Jimena Lamadrid.

Espinoff describes the series as “an entertaining thriller with the soul of a telenovela” that successfully blends multiple genres to create a gripping show.

Its third and final season was recently shown on Netflix, drawing tens of millions of viewers, earning it the title of one of Netflix’s most popular foreign series to date.

All three of these shows offer binge-worthy, award-nominated content for thrill seekers with a Netflix subscription. The platform appears to be redeeming itself after losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers earlier this year due to increased monthly fees, the removal/cancellation of some shows, and the layoff of about 150 company employees they hired in the months before.

Continuing these popular series could be the key to maintaining customer loyalty and high attendance—at least for now.

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