What we hope to see in The Addams Family

The Addams Family has been a horror comedy staple ever since New Yorker 1938 cartoon. But this fall, Tim Burton is bringing something new to this spooky mansion with the Netflix series Wednesday. It’s all about the Addams Family’s beloved daughter, and she’ll finally be back on screen in a show that’s all about her. And it looks like Wednesday the show we’ve been waiting for since pigtails were tied to black hair.

Aside from Tim Burton’s directing, there’s a lot to get excited about, which is a big deal in itself. Past The Addams Family the movies and shows have been a menagerie for the whole family, showing just how creepy each member is in their own way, while working towards a larger theme. But Wednesday has always been an interesting character, not only because of how insensitive and mysterious she is, but also because of how inconspicuous and frighteningly smart she is. And this series is about Wednesday, who is just becoming a teenager, whereas before we only saw her as a devilish child. The heroine is expected to pick up a level of difficulty in her own coming-of-age story. So fans are in for a lot of surprises.


Here are some of the things we hope to see in the series.

Wednesday: something old

Naturally, we want to get everything we can Wednesday. We’ve all had a lot of fun watching Wednesday bully her brother Pugsley in Christina Ricci films. She planned horrific experiments and created horrific traps, and Pugsley volunteered to be her guinea pig again and again. In most cases, Pugsley was completely electrocuted, or within inches of being decapitated, before being casually rescued by a parent.

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But such death games have always been considered child’s play, and it’s time for Wednesday to grow up. So it’s likely we won’t see much of Pugsley. IMDb page for Wednesday the actors say we’ll only see Pugsley twice in this 8-episode series. And this is good. While it would be nice to see a few references to the old Wednesday days and Pugsley’s shenanigans, it’s important that the show takes its new direction seriously and explores this new, more three-dimensional character seriously.

Wednesday: something new

The show has some surprises in store. Netflix has this to say about the plot:

“The upcoming eight-episode series is a detective, supernaturally laced mystery that follows Wednesday’s years as a student at the Nevermore academy of sorts. Wednesday’s attempts to master her emerging psychic powers, thwart a monstrous murder spree that has terrorized the local town, and unravel the supernatural mystery that pitted her parents 25 years ago – all while she explores her new and highly entangled strange and varied relationship. student community. “.

This announcement alone causes a lot of excitement; first of all, the “developing psychic abilities” of the Environment. Now there is something to be happy about. It adds a very idiosyncratic dimension to the show, but fits in so well that it feels like it should have happened all along. An environment that takes on psychic powers seems as natural as gargoyles in a mausoleum. This is a good sign that the writers are familiar with the character and can get creative with the series.

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Another thing that seems very fitting for the series is “Nevermore Academy” which, judging by the details of the characters, seems like a creepy boarding school which is the perfect environment setting. A boarding school for supernatural goth kids is the perfect place for dark and dangerous pranks to take place without parental supervision. The characters listed in the series are mostly other students and some of them have strange powers. Yoko Tanaka (played by Naomi J. Ogawa) is a badass vampire who hopefully gets hurt a little more. Twilight jokes. Bianca Barclay (played by Joy Sunday) is said to be a siren, and of course she’s popular. Wednesday will also have a roommate and a therapist, and God help them both.

But what’s going on at Nevermore Academy and the surrounding city seems to be some sort of “supernatural mystery” that Wednesday will be involved in solving. The Netflix announcement hints that these murders and some events from 25 years ago are connected in some way to the Addams Family, but we’ll have to wait and see how. Hopefully Wednesday and Thing will be enough to figure out what’s going on in her new life.

But no matter what happens, the show is bound to be weird. FROM Tim Burton at the helm and a new era of outlandish things is about to happen, fans are more than ready to see this spooky new masterpiece.

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