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Fans of the video game series dragon age accustomed to survive on scraps. Although BioWare, the Edmonton-based development studio behind the franchise, has suffered repeated blows to its reputation over the years, die-hard fantasy enthusiasts have been waiting for news of a fourth installment in the series. officially named Age of Dragons: Dreadwolf (or DADas it is jokingly called on the Internet).

FROM Age of Dragons: Inquisition completed their main storyline back in 2015, we had a lot of extra material – mostly comics and novels. However, there was little information about where the games would take us next.


As we wait for more we have Age of Dragons: Absolution, an animated television show based on the titular universe. Netflix Support Rumors dragon age The series has been in the air for a while now, but the recent release of a new trailer was the first real glimpse we got.

Let’s consider that Absolution can cook for us when it comes out this December.

Dragon Age: Absolution will give us our first look at Tevinter

Of the few things that we officially know about Age of Dragons: AbsolutionFirstly, the action will take place in Tevinter, a country that we have heard a lot about but seen very little. We are definitely heard a lot about Tevinter in the series’ history, especially its reluctance to follow in the footsteps of the other nations that make up the continent of Thedas.

Where slavery is outlawed in other lands, enslaved people are found everywhere in Tevinter. While other countries have long signed peace treaties with the invading Qunari to prevent further bloodshed, Tevinter is still at war with them. And most notably, while in other lands magic is vilified and mages are locked in towers, Tevinter uses the arcane arts in every aspect of daily life. Although this empire clings to the days of its faded glory, it still retains a reputation for being a formidable force and is one of the dragon agethe most intriguing countries based only on mysticism.

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Absolution promises to give us our first real look at what Tevinter is all about, and we’re excited to do so. It will be nice to see this land in person, rather than reading about it in lore books or hearing all about the political machinations of the upper echelons of the empire from party members.

Who are the characters?

According to the description of the new trailer on YouTube, Age of Dragons: Absolution promises new characters “inspired and authentic, dragon age knowledge; including elves, mages, knights, qunari, red templars, demons and other special surprises.” We see with our own eyes the Qunari mage in action, commanding the fire. Whoever she is, we can assume that she is Tal-Vashot, that is, she has thrown off the strict lifestyle of other members of her race. Traditional Qunari have been known to horribly bind and maim mages in an attempt to control them, and this particular Qunari seems to be very loose.

Along with the Qunari, we’re also getting quick shots of who we can assume will be our new group of protagonists. We are shown what looks like a traditional cast of mages, rogues and warriors. Most of them appear to be human, although there may be a dwarf among them. We’ll have to wait for new trailers or screenshots from Netflix to confirm this.

We also have an elf that features prominently in the trailer, giving off a gruff look of your typical fantasy rogue. We don’t have names or identities for these characters yet, but whoever they are, they all look battle-hardened and ready for battle, which means they’ll fit perfectly into the world of Thedas.

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We are also curious to know what the goals of this group will be. A certain Ouroboros ring shown in the trailer seems to have some sort of meaning, so it wouldn’t be outrageous to assume that our new characters are working on getting their hands on it. dragon age filled to the brim with mysterious artifacts with unique abilities – players collect a whole collection of them on their travels – and we can’t wait to see how this ouroboros fits into history.

Will Absolution be related to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

One question that seems to be on the minds of fans is whether this new show will tie into the storyline of the next one. dragon age the game. Considering that marketing for dire wolf so far there has been little, there is a strong possibility that the show can serve the dual purpose of entertainment and advertising. We’ve known for a long time that the next dragon age the game will likely take place in Tevinter, and Absolution can set us up for the different areas we will see and the characters we will meet in dire wolf. Some fans fully expect at least one revealed character in Absolution will join our new video game protagonist on his adventures. (We all secretly hope it’s a Qunari mage, right?)

BioWare also wants to reveal more information about the fourth chapter. dragon age franchise later that year, and Absolution going to release in December 2022. This cannot be a mere coincidence. it is likely that Absolution is preparing more trailers and plot information, though we’ll have to wait and see.

If this new animated adventure ends up gaining dire wolf, could the aforementioned ouroboros ring play a role in the destruction of the main antagonist of the fourth game? Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for answers.

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