What is the Snowflake Mountain reality show about and what time will it be streaming on Netflix? Details studied

Netflix is ​​launching a one-of-a-kind adventure reality show called snow mountain. The survival reality show hits Netflix on June 22 at 3:01 am ET.

snow mountain will feature ten wealthy kids aged 20 to 26 who have been given every basic comfort and luxury on a golden platter while trying to survive in a wilderness camp without help or resources. The series aims to give these kids a chance to test their luxurious lives and help them become adults with real life skills.

The synopsis also read:

Snowflake Mountain is a funny, warm reality show in which a group of clueless kids who have not yet reached their full potential put them to the test in a wilderness survival shelter to try and get them back on their feet. two legs.”

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The relatives of these naughty children sent them on this journey to help them understand the importance of hard work. These young people will not be provided with any basic resources such as food and water. The surviving participant will win an undisclosed amount of prize money.

Army Combat Engineer Joel Graves and former Navy Ordnance Disposal Specialist Matt Tate will teach them the skills they need.

Cast snow mountain

Carl Lariviere

Carl is an actor and model. He previously received a basketball scholarship but was unable to attend school due to his party habits. His friends and family want to get him back on track, but he refuses to work.

Darria Clark

Darria, 25, is the remake’s ambassador. She hardly does her laundry once a month and washes the dishes once every 10 days. She is afraid of responsibility.


Deandra, known as Bo Dee, is a 25-year-old makeup artist and proud mama dog of five-year-old Bjorn Maltese mix Melo, who is also famous on Instagram. She currently lives at her parents’ house with her two younger sisters. She has tried three times to move out of their house, but always returns for one reason or another.

Devon Smith

21-year-old Devon is a student and party goer. She didn’t tell her mother that she wasn’t in college and wanted to drop out. She is often seen at parties with friends at Ray’s dive bar.

Liam Brown

Liam, 21, currently lives with his grandmother and only works to throw parties. He is a marketer associated with In The Style.


Self-proclaimed Disney Princess Olivia is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who instead focuses and spends money on herself. She dreams of a fairytale life, being married to her handsome prince and having her own palace.

Ray Hume

Ray is 25 years old and still lives with her parents who do everything for her. She is “hopeless” when it comes to flattery and spends most of her time making TikTok videos. She is currently in a relationship with Will Martin.

Randy Wentworth

Randy, 23, is a comedian and has his own Discord fan group called the Randawgs Striker Club. He was previously enrolled in a medical prep program but dropped out to become a wrestler known as “Bowgie Brawler”. He is currently making money from his parents’ family business, but is not looking to work for the company anytime soon.


Solomon is dependent on his mother for money, who pays his rent and recently bought him a car. Solomon is currently unemployed, but refers to himself as “unemployed”. He doesn’t do any housework and orders food every day. 26 year old snow mountain the member has a budget of $500 per week for personal care.


Sunny did well in school and college until he changed his major to a “less intense” subject. snow mountain the participant is surrounded by friends and family members who have achieved high results. His sister is studying to be a lawyer, and his cousins ​​work on Wall Street.

All episodes snow mountain Coming to Netflix on June 22nd.

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