What did Tyler Barris do and where is he now?

Network pretend is an all-new, thrilling, chilling six-episode anthology true crime docu-series released on June 15 (Wednesday), 2022 exclusively on Netflix.

Netflix True Crime Documentary Series Network pretend delves deep into the Internet’s darkest and most sinister pits, uncovering heartbreaking stories of digital deception and distortion.

The official synopsis of the new documentary series. Network pretend states:

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Episode 1 of Network pretend gave viewers a glimpse of the heartbreaking case that recounts the unfortunate passing of 28-year-old Andrew Finch. The incident stemmed from a fake 911 call from gamer Tyler Barriss about dangerous activities at Andrew Finch’s office in Wichita, Kansas.

Ever since Episode 1 of the docuseries appeared, viewers have wanted to know everything about the horrific incident and where the sinister gamer is now. In this material, we will learn all about the case and the whereabouts of Tyler Barriss.

Know all about the chilling Swatting case and the whereabouts of Tyler Barriss as Network pretend streams on netflix

Who is Tyler Barriss and what did he do?

Frame of Tyler Barriss (image from YouTube/Google)
Frame of Tyler Barriss (image from YouTube/Google)

Tyler Barriss is reportedly a gamer from Los Angeles, California who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on December 29, 2019 for making a fake 911 call in connection with the 2017 Wichita, Kansas hostage situation. which ended in the unfortunate death of a 28-year-old man named Andrew Finch.

According to the police, it all started with a heated argument between gamers playing Call of Duty. Casey Viner, 19, was one of the players who allegedly challenged Barriss to prank Shane Gaskill, another player.

Unfortunately, the address Viner gave Barriss was Gaskill’s old home address in Wichita, Kansas. At the time, the house was occupied by an innocent man named Andrew Finch, who was only 28 years old and had nothing to do with the game or gamers.

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On December 28, 2017, Tyler Barriss made a fake 911 call revealing that he was at his home in Wichita, Kansas, where he brutally shot his father and held other family members hostage at gunpoint.

On the way to the home address given by the sinister Barriss, one of the cops reportedly shot and killed an innocent man, Andrew Finch.

It was reportedly later revealed during lawsuits that Tyler Barriss was linked to a host of fake calls from Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Indiana, Texas, Massachusetts, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Mexico, Michigan. , Indiana, Florida, New York and Connecticut located between 2015 and 2017.

Where is Tyler Barris now?

Frame of Tyler Barriss (image from YouTube/Google)
Frame of Tyler Barriss (image from YouTube/Google)

Infamous gamer Tyler Barris faced 51 charges and pleaded guilty to all of them in 2018. After that, he received 20 years in prison for his heinous crimes.

Tyler Barriss is currently 28 years old and serving a prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix, Arizona.

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