What did Draymond Green say on his podcast after winning the NBA Finals?

After the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in Game 6 to win the NBA Finals, Draymond Green immediately got down to business and recorded another podcast.

Green spoke with Clay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, as well as Gary Payton II.

Green received some criticism during the finals for his post-game podcasts, with some claiming that he was more focused on it than the actual games.

A reporter asked Green after Game 3 if he was giving away trade secrets when he released episodes the day after the Celtics games, which Green denied.

The 32-year-old kept his promise and continued to record his podcast. saying that he will continue to release episodes of “win, lose, tie, raise a trophy, put a ring on your finger, whatever.”

Green urges haters, explains ‘new media’

Green dived in and called out ESPN, which he said gave the Warriors a 20 percent chance of winning the Finals.

“Who makes these things? What is their job security? Because you lie to people. Is anyone held accountable these days? Are you out of your mind? Do you know who you’re dealing with? This is us. Thinking us like this is crazy to me. Where are you getting these numbers from?

He then shot Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright for saying that Steph Curry would never make the final again.criticizing Andrew Wiggins’ trading and failing his original approach.

“Tell us why you think so. Tell me why you’ve been yapping and yapping this whole episode and then suddenly want to switch to dubs. Tell us why. Because it’s about your basketball knowledge.

“Stand by your word”

Greene went on to discuss “new media”, which he says is based on respect, honesty, and staying true to your word. Green noted that “new media” isn’t just content-creating athletes, because some just “begin to act like old media as soon as they become media.”

New Media: A) Stand by your word. We do not apologize for our word. We don’t flip. You stand by your word – good, bad or indifferent. We stand on it. B) We are not trying to create controversy.

“I’m not trying to team up with a guy or two so I can fill up a few TV slots daily and create controversy. Basketball is a beautiful game. If you know the game of basketball, basketball will give you enough to talk about. The problem is that all these people talking about basketball don’t understand basketball. So what are you doing? You are chasing controversy. New media, we don’t do that. That’s why you see the rise of JJ Reddick. That’s why you see the rise of CJ McCollum. That’s why you see me flourish. Because we don’t. We’re just talking about the game we know. And hug him. Learn. That’s what these spots are about.

“We give flowers when needed. We don’t have to try to pump a guy for a week to bust him next week, so I have a lot to talk about. These are new media. Respect. Honesty.

“There are fools like Kendrick Perkins dressed up as a clown. Show up here in a prison suit and then leave the game early today. Stand by your word, brother. You have to stand on it, because one thing I will definitely stand on my own.

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