We asked DALL E to draw Netflix originals

dall e netflix original creations

DALL E Creation of artificial intelligence Netflix

DALL E Mini is an AI project that is taking the internet by storm with bizarre, eerily accurate, and terrifyingly scary images, and since we’re a Netflix fan site, we want to experience it for ourselves. How well can AI generate some of our favorite Netflix originals and what happens if we mix some of them!

For the background, DALL-E is a tool that uses AI to create 9 images using your words to create them. Free online tool (which you can generate images right now) works when you enter hints about what you want to see and it goes away and struggles to generate what you are asking. If you want to know more about the technical side, this blog has great breakdown of how it works.

very strange things in DALL E

The very strange things still the biggest show in the world (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), let’s have some fun at the show at DALL E.

Just adding “Stranger Things” by itself gives us fuel for nightmares, though you can easily see where it’s taking the images from. The middle picture on the left is clear

dallemini 2022 6 17 11 14 0

Stranger Things AI Image

What happens if we take a demogorgon and put it in Emily in Paris? Don’t be surprised anymore.

Demogorgon at Emily in Paris

Demogorgon at Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris Demogorgon

Demogorgon at Emily in Paris

One of the reasons Dall E exploded is because WeirdDallE tweeted about a Demogorgon holding a basketball.

Crown in DALL E

crown dall e

Another thing I tried to recreate is the Queen herself watching herself being portrayed on screen, but as the results below show, up close but without a cigar.

queen watching crown on netflix

Queen’s Gambit in DALL E

No surprises. Mostly chess pictures, but there are some that pretty accurately recreate the poses, outfits and, of course, Beth Harmons’ stunning red hair.

queens gambit dall e

Okay, let’s go a little faster.

Asking only the Witcher was pretty boring, so we asked the Witcher to eat ice cream instead. The results are excellent.

witcher eating ice cream netflix

The witcher eats ice cream

Orange is the new black was interesting as it only has one photo of the women in Lichfield in their iconic orange outfits.

orange is the new black dall e

Orange is the new black DALL E

Squid Game was exactly as expected, with tons of photos of workers in pink overalls, and to our surprise, most of them are in pretty good shape too!

squid game dall e

Squid game DALL E

Can DALL E predict what some of Netflix’s future projects will look like? No, this is the answer. We asked him to try to guess what One piece as well as Avatar: The Last Airbender the series is similar, but the results are disappointing.

We also asked what mind hunter Season 3 looks like this, and as you can see, it’s fully in place, which means Netflix will end up renewing it, right?

Netflix Mindhunter Season 3

Season 3 of Netflix’s Mindhunter on Dall E

We’re not the only ones who enjoy playing with DALL E. Netflix France has also posted some of their creations where they try to make posters for various Netflix originals.

People on Twitter also had fun with

With that, our strange few hours with the world of DALL E came to an end. Let us know in the comments or post photos on social media of your weird Netflix AI creations!

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