Warriors could pay $430 million salary next season!”: NBA Redditor Highlights Stephen Curry and Team’s Worrying Financial Problem Ahead of Next Season

NBA Reddit reveals what financial troubles Stephen Curry and Warriors face next season

After two long years of suffering, the Golden State Warriors are once again at the top of the NBA mountain.

No matter what anyone says, last postseason did wonders for Stephen Curry’s legacy… not that he needed it. To be a little clearer, for all those who didn’t quite believe he wasn’t in the top 10 of all time… well, at least most of them believe it now.

Besides Stephen Curry, players like Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins have also found themselves, especially Splash Brother, after he suffered two devastating injuries.

Overall, the Warriors have won more than just 4th title at age 8. They have gained experience and confidence to go further and get another one next season.

Speaking of next season, it looks like the Dubs might be in a little bit of trouble. After all, even the embarrassment of wealth comes at a cost.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

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NBA Redditor reveals how deep the Warriors’ pockets need to be to become champions again next season

To be honest, the Warriors have almost always been above the salary cap for almost the last decade. However, things have never been as bad as they are likely to be next season.

What are we talking about? Well, Recently Reddit user u/Nyhrox revealed quite a bit about the Warriors’ potential luxury tax for next season. And suffice it to say, it’s not pleasant.

The Warriors are allotted a $173.6 million salary, $24.6 million over the tax threshold before free agency kicks in, and while Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Draymond Green have contracts, there are key free agents to tackle, including Gary Payton II, Kevon Looney, Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Belica.

If Payton II and Looney return with a $6 million a year salary and the remaining roster is filled with their first-round picks and the players receive the veteran minimum, Golden State is projected to spend $390 million on salaries and tax penalties.

That figure will increase to $430 million if they use their $6.4 million mid-tier tax exemption for a player like Porter Jr. Last year, the Warriors bypassed the use of the average tax rate and filled the roster with players who signed up for the veteran’s minimum.

Wiggins expansion

A three-year, $81 million extension that starts at $25 million put Wiggins in 7th place among all starting salaries for small forwards in 2022–23. Duration in years corresponds to Steph Curry’s contract.”

The Reddit user also provided a link to the ESPN article from which he took this excerpt, which you can view. here.

As we’ve said before, the Warriors have more than enough confidence and clearly have the lineup to win a championship again. But are they willing to pay that much for it? Or will we see the franchise use their wits and find a way out of this situation?

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