USMNT schedule for 2022: every football game in the USA, date, time, TV channel, live broadcast through the World Cup in Qatar.

After missing out four years ago, the US Men’s Team (USMNT) returned to the FIFA World Cup by qualifying for this year’s tournament in Qatar.

USMNT confirmed their spot on the final day of World Cup regional qualifiers, pulling back despite an away loss to Costa Rica that wasn’t hard enough for the US to miss out on a second straight.

Now the Americans, led by Gregg Berhalter, will prepare for this year’s November and December game in Qatar, looking to raise the bar of expectations. The young US team is a talented but inexperienced group, and this tournament will not only bounce back in 2018, but also set the stage for the massive 2026 World Championships to be held in US soil, where the team is aiming for a deep run.

What makes the World Cup so difficult? One miss could mean exit from the competition and a long, four-year wait for damages. Below is Team USA’s pre-Qatar schedule, as well as the full World Cup schedule, including potential playoff opponents.

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USMNT Schedule for 2022

The United States, like all other World Cup participants, play matches throughout the calendar year to prepare for November’s World Cup to make sure the team is in good shape and in good rhythm. Team chemistry at the World Cup is critical, making these games vital.

Friendly matches against World Cup entrants Morocco and Uruguay were to lead to a pair of CONCACAF Nations League games against Grenada and El Salvador. A pair of friendly matches against Japan and Saudi Arabia were scheduled for the September international break, to be played in Europe. The match in Saudi Arabia is booked at the Estadio Nueva Condomina in Murcia, Spain, and while the friendly in Japan has yet to be officially scheduled, reports indicate it will happen in Germany.

European teams were not available for friendlies in June or September as they have to play UEFA Nations League matches during these international breaks. There is no international window scheduled for October as the national leagues hope to complete matches before the World Cup break (November 14 to December 18).

Date Conformity Competition Time (ET) Location TV and streaming
Wed, June 1 USA 3Morocco 0 International friendly Peculiarities Cincinnati, Ohio
Sun, June 5 USA 0Uruguay 0 International friendly Peculiarities Kansas City, Kansas.
Fri, June 10 USA 5Grenada 0 The League of nations Peculiarities Austin, Texas.
Tue 14 June El Salvador oneUSA one The League of nations Peculiarities San Salvador
Fri, 23 September USA vs Japan International friendly TBD TBD (Europe) TBD
Tue 27 September USA vs Saudi Arabia International friendly TBD Murcia, Spain TBD

USA 2022 World Cup Schedule: Group Stage

The United States were placed in Group B of the World Cup along with top seeds England, Iran and Wales, who qualified for the European play-offs in June.

This is a complex group of many highly ranked parties. Iran is the lowest ranked team, ranked 21st in the FIFA World Rankings, while England are 5th in the world and Wales are 18th. The US is just above Wales in 15th place.

The US will play Wales first on the first day of World Cup competition. The game against England comes second, scheduled for an afternoon match (US time) on Black Friday. The US then completes a critical game against Iran that could determine who escapes the group.

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World Cup Group B table and schedule

Team PTS general doctor Tue l D GF G.A. DG
B1: England 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B2: Iran 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B3: USA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
AT 4: Wales 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Group B Schedule

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Mon, November 21 England vs Iran 8 a.m fuboTVFS1, Telemundo
Mon, November 21 USA vs. Wales 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Fri, November 25 Wales vs. Iran 5 am fuboTVFS1, Telemundo
Fri, November 25 England vs USA 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Tue 29 November Wales vs England 14:00 fuboTVFS1, Universo
Tue 29 November Iran vs USA 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo

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Schedule and rivals for potential USMNT World Championship playoffs

While the US has a vision for how to make World Cup history, they first need to focus on avoiding a difficult group.

If the Stars and Stripes achieve that goal, they’re in for the playoffs. In the modern tournament era, the United States has only reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup once, in 2002, after beating regional rivals Mexico in the round of 16. Thus, the victory in the 1/8 final match will be a historic first for the United States against a non-continental opponent.

Group A | Group B | Group C | Group D
Group E | Group F | Group G | Group H

Possible Round of 16 games for USA

If the United States finishes in the top two places in Group B and qualify for the playoffs, the United States will play a match with one of the qualifying players from Group A: Host Qatar (No. 51), Netherlands (No. 10), African Champions Senegal (No. 20), or Ecuador (No. 46).

Although this group is difficult to predict, it also represents an opportunity for the United States. With host Qatar finishing first, in keeping with World Cup tradition, this means the US is avoiding other strong players such as Brazil, Belgium and Spain, who top other groups. The Netherlands and Senegal plan to be the toughest potential opponents in the round of 16.

If the US manages to win Group B, they will face the second-placed player from Group A in the playoff round, which is an interesting proposition. If the US finishes second in Group B, which is a more predictable scenario given England’s presence, they will face the winner of Group A in the first knockout match. The Netherlands is the bookmaker’s favorite.

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1/8 finals of the World Cup

Possible U.S. placements in bold

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Sat, December 3 1A vs. 2B 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Sat, December 3 1C vs 2D 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Sun, December 4 1D vs 2C 10 a.m fuboTVFS1, Telemundo
Sun, December 4 1B against 2A 14:00 fuboTVFS1, Telemundo
Mon, December 5 1E vs 2F 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Mon, December 5 1G vs 2H 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Tue 6 December 1F vs 2E 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Tue 6 December 1H vs 2G 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo

Possible quarter-final matches for the USA

Now we dream big. If the US manages to not only qualify for the playoffs, but also win the Round of 16 matchup, the opposition will have several opportunities, and this largely depends on where the US finishes in Group B.

By placing first in Group B, they are placed on one side of the bracket and second on the other, a mechanism designed to avoid repeating group stage matches too early in the playoffs.

If the US wins Group B and advances to the Round of 16 (an outcome American fans dream of), this could lead to a potential quarterfinal round matchup against either the winner of Group D or the runners-up of Group C. This means that in all likelihood, game against defending champions Francewho are the clear favorites of group D. However, it is possible that the second-placed member of group C will surprise, for example, Mexico or UEFA supporters Polandor even Group C favorites Argentina depending on how that group plays.

If the US comes second in Group B and wins the next round of 16, it will be a quarter-final game against either the winners of Group C or the runners-up of Group D. This scenario is likely a match against Lionel Messi and Argentinafavorites from group C. However, this can also lead to a match with a surprise team from group D such as Denmark.

No matter who the US faces in the quarter-finals, simply reaching this stage will make the majority of US fans happy with the results of the tournament, and any results from here will not only be an added bonus, but will go down in history – the US has never progressed. passed this stage in the World Cup in its modern format.

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World Cup quarter-finals

Possible USMNT placements in bold

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Fri, December 9 QF1: 1E/2F vs 1G/2H 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Fri, December 9 QF2: 1A/2B compared to 1C/2D 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Sat, December 10 QF3: 1F/2E vs 1H/2G 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Sat, December 10 QF4: 1B/2A vs. 1D/2C 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo

World Cup semi-finals

Possible USMNT placements in bold

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Tue 13 December QF2 compared to QF1 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo
Wed 14 Dec QF4 compared to QF3 14:00 fuboTVFox, Telemundo

3rd place at the World Championship

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Sat, Dec 17 Losers in semi-finals 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo

World Cup Final

Date Conformity Time (ET) TV and streaming
Sun, December 18 Semi-final winners 10 a.m fuboTVFox, Telemundo

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