Understanding American Football vs. European Football

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There is no denying the fact that football is a popular game all over the world. However, different countries may have their own rules, philosophies, ideas and styles of play.

Here we explore the differences between American and European football. Read more.


Essentially, European and American football are the same in terms of the rules that govern the games. However, you will find some significant differences in strategies and technical features between the two.

On the highest level. there are significant differences in matters related to the individual abilities of the players and the quality of the games.

There is a feeling that European football is far ahead of American standards. No wonder European clubs dominate the world’s top leagues.

Indeed, only a few non-European clubs make it into the top 100 in the world rankings.

On the other hand, Major League Soccer (MSL) USA ranks as the 20th best league in the world. In a sense, it is catching up with the major leagues in Europe.

In the Americas Brasileiro Serie, the Mexican and Argentine leagues are also ranked among the best leagues in the world, ranking 6th, 11th and 14th respectively.

American football style of play

Major League Soccer (MLS) has been around for over two decades and has grown with players playing in international matches. In addition, it attracts the best players from all over the world and has significant franchises in North America.

A notable aspect of MLS is the style of play that requires players to be in good physical condition in order to take on opponents.

Generally, physical strength combined with speed can overpower the other team, especially in a race. The teams also go through endurance training to deal effectively with the fights on the field.

Players also have several skills such as passing the ball, turning it or running it. They also have great receiving tactics and can keep the ball under pressure.

Only the best players can meet such high standards, which subsequently affects the overall performance of the game.

Due to the observance of the basic rules, the game may not seem so exciting, as players try not to create problems for their opponents.

Experience Level

Some players in European leagues are old, experienced and have excellent decision-making skills.

On the other hand, MLS players may be less experienced, which can lead to minor mistakes or errors on the pitch.

Another example is when they play with an experienced player who suddenly runs away and cannot get the ball or even hold it for a long time while they wait for another player to run away.

These circumstances can be confusing for an MLS player who lacks technical skills or the ability to make quick decisions.

European football style

In terms of physical strength, European players lack the stamina of their MLS counterparts. However, European players’ ball handling skills are on a different level.

In addition, they are versatile players with different abilities such as strength, stamina, agility, and speed.

Players train in a certain way without focusing on one particular skill. For example, instead of lifting weights to gain strength, they are taught how to defend themselves, defend the ball, and improve the skill.

Football training enhances their ability to outwit an opponent, not physically.

Technically, European players have had an advantage in handling the ball in different conditions over the years compared to MLS players.

The skill level in European football is more competitive and unlike MLS players can play with some of the best players in the world.

European players have super abilities in passing, dribbling, turning, 1v1 dominance and quick decision making under pressure.

In addition, they can throw killer passes, bringing more excitement to the game than MLS players.

They are also closely connected and work as a team, which allows them to master the strengths or weaknesses of each person.

Their level of communication is on another level as they can communicate ideas and tactics through actions, eye movements and contacts.

They can interpret the intentions of each person, ensuring the smooth running of a football match.


While American football continues to gain more and more attention, its popularity lags behind baseball and basketball.

Europe is a different game. European football is the most popular sport in Europe and the world.

There is a lot of interest, millions of people around the world are watching the game on TV or online.

According to the study, football most popular betting gamethe total amount of which is almost 1.5 trillion euros.

Due to their popularity, bookmakers allow bettors to compare football odds at different games in European leagues and MLS.


Both American football and European football are similar in many ways. However, there are some differences in the style of play, popularity and experience of the players. European football leads the way in standards and popularity. On the other hand, American football has grown in popularity in the years since the launch of MLS.

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