Underrated Shows You Probably Don’t Watch (But Should Watch)

The rise of streaming means that we all now have many more places to entertain ourselves. It also means there are a LOT of TV shows around right now.

There are too many for one person to watch, which unfortunately means that many shows either go unnoticed or simply don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Here we have selected 10 series that we like, but do not think that not enough people are watching them now. Whether it’s because they use a smaller streaming service (Apple TV Plus isn’t quite on par with Netflix just by the numbers yet), or they’re having moderate success in the US but haven’t gotten much promotion elsewhere.

And if you’ve watched some or all, then enjoy the knowledge that your TV viewing right now is gilded…

Underrated series

Watch if you like Knives Out

The trailer for Season 2 is out and we can’t wait. Only ‘The Building Murders’ is a rare treat of a show that features veteran comedians mingling with Selena Gomez and the results are great. The veterans we’re talking about are Steve Martin and Martin Short, who are part of a trio obsessed with the same true crime podcast. This puts them in an advantageous position when a murder occurs in their New York City apartment building. This is an exciting and fun show with lots of twists and turns.

Underrated series

See if you like it Better call Saul

Barry just finished its third season and there really isn’t a better stealth show right now. Bill Hader as Barry, a contract killer who dreams of becoming an actor. The person who teaches him how to act is the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, and it gets weird. Barry is a wonderful, surreal tragi-comedy that goes into dark places, but thanks to Hader’s acting, there is always light.

See if you like hellish deeds

Apple TV Plus is definitely going down the path of quality over quantity, and that does wonders for the service. Pachinko is a wonderful drama based on Min Jin Lee’s massive historical novel of the same name, which shows the interweaving of the threads of history between Japan and Korea. Everything is on display, from Japan taking over the country in 1910, to World War II, to the rise of Japan as a powerful nation in Asia well into the 90s. It’s a heady look at a story that is perhaps under-reported in the West, and it’s a time-shifting masterpiece.

Watch if you like Battlestar Galactica

Without exaggeration, we announce that For All Mankind is the best sci-fi show in recent years. While its first season takes a while to kick off, it has turned into a real live show demonstrating what will happen if the space race continues in an alternate reality after Russia goes to the moon first. It’s the perfect combination of true space racing history with the brilliant mind of Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore. Again, this is another gem of the Apple TV Plus show.

Watch if you like “Favorite”

The Great, well, great, starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, it’s about Catherine the Great, but shot through a modern lens. It’s a period drama that mixes satire with hilariousness, and the show is an utterly riveting spectacle, thanks in large part to the brilliant main stars.

See if you like Starstruck

The first season of A Life of Love starred Anna Kendrick, and it was very rom-com-like, with some fantastic laugh-out-loud moments. But the show really reached its climax in its second season. Being an anthology, it switches to a different character, this time played by William Jackson Harper of The Good Place, who is looking for love.

Watch if you like Bojack Horseman

Raphael Bob-Waksberg is the king of awkward comedy. He masterfully demonstrated this in Bojack Rider and repeated it in Cancellation. It’s also an animation (sort of), this rotoscopic delight focuses on Alma, who can manipulate time thanks to a near-fatal car accident. The show is fantastic, with Rosa Salazar as Alma, perfect for the role. She was joined by Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul, David Diggs and others. He’s a lot darker than Bojack, but just as watchable.

Watch if you like What We Do In The Shadows

We don’t quite understand how Taika Waititi manages to control all the projects he manages, but we’re thrilled that he took the time to help create Reservation Dogs with Native American showrunner Sterlin Harjo. This is an excellent show set in a Native American sanctuary in Oklahoma. Again, this show is about performance, but it uses indigenous culture to create a brilliant, off-the-wall story.

See if you like chewing gum

This story about an all-Muslim all-female British rock band is pretty silly at times, but there’s a lot of joy in it. Just take the songs they sing: No one is going to kill my sister but me. This is what you get – it’s not a show that punches a message down your throat, but one that offers a fresh, new side to the show that’s brilliant as hell to watch.

Watch if you like The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Now in its second season, Hacks stars Jean Smart as Vegas comedian Deborah Vance, who needs something of a boost for her career due to being canceled after a tweet. This is suggested by young comedy writer Ava Daniels, Hannah Einbinder, who is working to make Vance relevant again. Yes, there have been Emmy awards and such for this film, but in the UK it has been slow – but it’s already here and needs to be consumed.


Tell us about it, and if enough people agree, we’ll add it.

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