Two actors from Netflix’s The Chosen One have been killed and six others injured in Mexico.

Two actors from the Netflix series Selected died after a van associated with filming crashed on Thursday in Baja California, Mexico.

The actors have been identified as Juan Francisco González Aguilar, known professionally as Paco Mufote, and Raimundo Garduño Cruz, Baja California Department of Culture. tweeted.

The crash didn’t happen on set, but while the cast and crew were en route from Santa Rosalia to the local airport, a Netflix spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. Two other cast members and four crew members were also injured, but their condition remains stable.

On Saturday, Netflix said it had no comment while the investigation was ongoing.

Screenwriter Faisal Luchmedial, who worked with Mufote on the 2021 short film. Below us, tweeted“Paco was kind, caring and sensitive, and that showed through in his work. He was so loved in society, and it was immediately clear to me, as an outsider. I feel very sorry for his loved ones and everyone who was touched by his spirit.”

Production company Redrum has suspended production of the series, which is based on the comic book series. American Jesus about a 12-year-old boy who finds out that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

SAG-AFTRA said in a statement that it has contacted Netflix and the local actors union and is investigating.

“Safety on set is always our top priority,” SAG-AFTRA said. “We will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our members and others in their workplaces.”

On the two actors’ Facebook pages, fans and friends posted expressions of condolence and grief, as well as demands for an investigation into the cause of their deaths.

“I am infinitely grateful for having crossed your path, my friend.” – Coral Alonso Mendez wrote for Mufote. “You were and always will be one of the most wonderful people to ever cross this world. Thank you for your art, thank you for your heart and thank you for the light in my life and in the lives of many. I will always carry you with me.”

The Tijuana theater community especially mourned their death, Jacqueline Guido. wroteadding that while watching Mufote perform on stage, “his talent has always touched the soul.”

As questions about their deaths remained, several people cited poor working conditions at work. Established working conditions—in Hollywood and elsewhere—became source of disturbance in recent years as production companies look to produce more content fast and cheap to meet the needs of streaming services and consumers.

Writer Rick Zazueta said in facebook post“For several weeks now, people close to this production have known that the logistics were terrible. The actors kept complaining about how badly they were treated specifically in the transport and logistics industry.” Actors, Zazueta wrote, “were driven like cattle to save a few pesos.” He called for changes in the Mexican film industry and added that Netflix had blood on its hands.

This was told by Mufote’s friend Liliana Konlisk Gallegos. daily beast that those in production shared “reports of abuse and exploitation”.

“It pains me to think that he was taken advantage of, that he was forced to work in substandard conditions, especially in a multi-million dollar company like Netflix,” Gallegos said.

Actor Fernando Bonilla, a friend of Garduño’s, tweeted that the production should show how many hours of rest the driver had before he lost control of the van. He pointed to other television and film productions whose drivers were overworking.

“I’m very sad,” he wrote. “And also angry.”

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