Top 5 Netflix original dramas of 2022 with the highest IMDb ratings

As Korean dramas have become an even bigger global phenomenon, Netflix has dominated the development of compelling stories that have captured the attention of fans. It wasn’t until early 2022 that Netflix released award-winning Korean dramas alongside Korean cable companies such as Twenty five twenty one. There are more dramas this year, but some have high scores.

2022 Netflix K-drama Juvenile Justice starring Kim Hye-soo.

2022 Netflix K-Drama Juvenile Justice Starring Kim Hye Soo | via Netflix

‘Juvenile Justice’ is a heartbreaking crime drama about young criminals

Dark stories about crimes, murders and the justice system fell in love with the fans. 2022 Netflix K-drama Juvenile justice introduced fans to a new layer of the justice system – juvenile delinquents. Actor Kim Hye Soo plays Shim Eun Suk, a stern judge who has no place for subterfuge or sympathy.

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