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“We may never know what was the motive for the murder, but we don’t have to prove a motive,” the prosecutor says in voice-over, like the back of a defendant’s head in a new Netflix series. You do not know me comes into view. She then goes through a list of evidence to support the government’s cause. Traces of the victim’s blood were found on the defendant. Cell phone records and security cameras that link him to the crime scene. This is a devastating generalization.

We then receive the title card of the series, almost defiantly responding to the prosecutor. White text on black screen: You do not know me. The defendant, Hero, insists before the jury that he did not kill Jamil Issa, a South London drug dealer, despite what the evidence suggests. “You can have all this evidence, (and) still not understand anything about what happened.”

Why? Again, because, as the title this show is #10 on Netflix today in the US says: “You don’t know me.”

You do not know me Series Netflix

Based on Imran Mahmoud’s novel of the same name, which uses the defendant’s closing argument as the narrative device around which the plot is built, the story is partly a product of Mahmoud drawing on the lives of clients he has represented as a London lawyer over the years.

You do not know me was Mahmud’s first novel. It has evolved into a 4-episode crime drama that is now climbing the Netflix charts.

“You know, part of me thought that if I did my own speech, then at least you would get a little bit of what it was like to be me,” the protagonist tells the jury in this story. “What if my (lawyer) did that, then maybe you’d all be thinking, ‘Yeah, it’s all very good to cover it all up shiny and smooth, but this (expletive) is still a killer.’ And I really thought that if I tell my own story, I can make you feel my life. But actually explaining the evidence aloud is very difficult.”

Feedback and reaction

The big question here, of course, is this: is it worth watching?

Understandably, many viewers may feel like there are too many crime dramas and documents to watch, plus an endless crush of police procedures and the like that overtake our favorite streaming services. Crap, You do not know me is not even the only top 10 crime game on Netflix right now.

One thing Nohowever, this is your usual, run-of-the-mill crime drama and courtroom drama. The reaction of the audience, of course, testifies to this, as one Twitter user who raved about the series “10/10 recommend”. And another:

“Observation you do not know me on Netflix, and Kira simply said, “You’re a good person only because your life allows you to be.” And it’s powerful because we judge thugs too fast. I will be true. Nobody chooses who they become, they can change that, but not everyone is strong.”

To find out more, check it’s “Broadcast or Skip” Decisive review from You do not know mewhich places the series in the “Stream it” category.

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