Three players the Pacers should avoid in the 2022 NBA draft

The Indiana Pacers had a disappointing 2021 season that ended with a 25–57 record. Regardless, the franchise has had a few highlights, including the trade of Tyrese Haliburton. The 22-year-old breathed new life into the organization and impressed in his 26 games with the team. The Pacers have hope to move forward and look forward to a game-changing season in 2022.

One way they hope to accelerate the team’s growth is through the use of a sixth overall pick. The Pacers have a great chance to add another key element to the franchise. While there are a few notable targets for the Pacers, here are three guys who don’t qualify.

The Pacers 2022 NBA Draft Prospects They Should Avoid

Jalen Duren – Downtown Memphis

The Pacers have been trying to get the duo of Miles Turner and Domantas Sabonis to work for quite some time. Repeated attempts to join mismatched parts together have been unsuccessful. Indiana finally managed to trade Sabonis for Tyrese Haliburton, turning the franchise’s course in an extremely positive direction. Picking a big man with a sixth pick would be a huge step back. The Pacers have found the foundation for a successful team and must add the missing elements to maximize that talent. Adding another big player with their best off-season asset would be extremely disappointing.

This does not mean that Jalen Duren will not become a successful NBA player. The Memphis product is an impressive guard and pick-up with a great motor. His 2.1 blocks per game and 14% offensive rebounding rate will be a huge asset on any team he finds himself on. However, it would be a step back for the Pacers if they add another valuable big man to Miles Turner.

Dyson Daniels – Wing G-League Ignite

Dyson Daniels, who recently entered the draft after an interesting season in the G-League, is an intriguing prospect. He averaged 11.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 2.0 steals per game in his only season with Ignite. Daniels is an Australian winger who has a versatile game. He impresses defensively and does the little things that the team needs. The 6’7″ wing has a tall motor and averages 2.0 offensive rebounds per game. He is interesting to watch in transition and often tries to pick up the pace.

Even though Daniels has a very versatile game, it would be a little repetitive compared to Tyrese Haliburton and Malcolm Brogdon. Daniels designs to fit the Lonzo Ball type player pattern, which is not a big need in Indiana. The G-League product Ignite can be selfless to the point of failure and lacks the desired popularity in his game. Daniels was not a great shot maker and was not too willing to give up catching and shooting. Dyson Daniels will no doubt thrive in many sports, but he’s not the kind of player the Pacers should be targeting.

Schaedon Sharp – Kentucky security guard

The Pacers are quickly moving into win-now mode. This changes expectations a lot and makes it difficult to give minutes to young players. There is probably no player who needs low-pressure minutes other than Shaydon Sharp. This season, the 19-year-old was reclassified to join Kentucky but never qualified to play. The former 2022 number one rookie has intriguing potential, but lacks the game minutes he needs to make an accurate prediction. Sharpe has impressive athleticism and is 6’5″. He is a high level finisher with excellent footwork and can land some difficult shots.

Had he taken the more traditional college route, there’s a real chance Schaedon Sharp would be a top-five castle. However, this is not the case, and the Pacers must referee the player who is currently in front of them. Even in the limited feed, it’s clear that the newcomer has a lot to work on. Sharp needs to improve his ballplay and cut his losses. He also has a penchant for testing defenses. Even under the best of circumstances, it would likely be several years before Sharp could make a valuable contribution. If the Pacers truly believe in his long-term potential, it won’t be a surprising pick, but it will be a pretty big roll of the dice.

A more reliable choice would be a better choice for the organization. Indiana has begun laying the groundwork for a solid team, and the missed pick could cause some problems. Staying away from these three players while they search for the missing piece is the right direction for the franchise.

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