“They get a whole plane for the family.”

Former Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes spoke about what it’s like to play for the team. Throughout his career, Barnes has been known to many as a headstrong and competitive role player.

Jumping from team to team, Barnes experienced both ups and downs. Avid fans recognize him as part of the “We Believe Warriors” era back in 2007. He played alongside his current All The Smoke co-host Stephen Jackson, as well as Baron Davis and a young Monta Ellis.

In his final year in the league, Barnes rejoined Golden State midway through their 2016–17 championship. Most NBA players prioritize their families. They also want to see the team they play for, treat it like their own.

This is exactly what Golden State has done for Barnes and many of their players.

“Bro, my kids were on the plane,” Barnes reflects on how the Warriors treat their players’ families.

“My kids were in practice like they care about [everything]. Bro, all you have to do is play basketball.”

On the No Chill podcast with Gilbert Arenas, the 2017 NBA champion spoke about how well the Warriors organization treats its players. The Golden State have been showing class ever since they started their championship dynasty.

From time to time we will see Stephen Curry’s kids join him in his pre-game routine. On some occasions, Draymond Green can also be seen with his son during press conferences, and the Barnes sons have been training at the Warriors’ base.

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This isn’t the first time Barnes has praised the organization in San Francisco. Shortly after winning the championship with them, he retired and became part of the basketball media.

He used his platform to share how he enjoys spending time with the team. Although Barnes was not a star player like Curry, Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson, the Warriors still valued his experienced leadership.

Their appreciation for the players is deep. They even gave the Barnes sons their own championship rings.

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“On behalf of the entire Warriors organization,” Green said to Matt Barnes, “I just want to thank you. You know? For what you bring to this team.”

Barnes also shared that one of the keys to the Warriors’ success was the humility of each player. They put aside their plans and play the game right.

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“There was a different energy. It seemed to me that every day there is cool.”

No Chill’s look at Finals MVP Steph Curry

Steph Curry with his Finals MVP trophy.
Steph Curry with his Finals MVP trophy.

Shortly after the Warriors’ win, the guys from No Chill and Gilbert Arenas wasted no time talking about Curry’s place in history. Barnes asked Tracy McGrady and Arenas how they rate the sniper.

“T-Mac” was not shy about his opinion and said that Curry was still not in his top 10. Arenas drew a lot of laughs after his opinion on his All Time Top 10 list.

“My top ten has changed. Because I like players after 85, and anyone before that – to hell with them! Arenas is on his all-time top 10 list.

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