The New York Knicks website is guaranteed to make them jump

Job title: G/F, Santa Clara

Age: 21

Height: 6 feet 7 inches

Wingspan: 7’3″

Weight: 209 pounds

Sales step: When you look at Jalen, his ability to quickly understand what is happening is striking. He sees weaknesses and errors in real time, and often ahead of time. He knows how to manipulate the defense by passing using his pen, as well as using his eyes and body. He also knows how to impose himself and call his own number from anywhere on the court, which is pretty cool considering he’s fantastic, ambidextrous, with a 7’3″ wingspan and a 40″ vert that is a finisher. an excellent two and three shooter, and has a large bobber. He really can do everything. Even if he’s not leading the offense, you can trust him to capitalize on any advantage he gets from scoring and passing. He is a late bloomer who has shown the ability to both learn the game and take advantage of his physical changes very quickly. If he Indeed starts throwing triples at a high volume or playing defensively that matches his 7ft 3in wingspan, you’re probably talking about franchise-changing talent.

Elite Traits/Skills: Length, offensive handling and feel

Devil’s Advocate Arguments: He won’t run offense in the NBA. And he’s not going to be some great defenseman in the NBA. So what is he so great that is going to keep him on the floor in attack? He is a good but not outstanding shooter. He is a good but not outstanding sportsman. He’s got a good handle, but he’s not some elite non-ball player like Davion Mitchell, or some high-profile hesi jimbo dealer like Alec Burks or Terry Rozier. His passing is fun, but he has to lie on the floor and pass. He looks like a smuggled version of the solid Canal Street sidekick – the reality is much worse than it looks on the internet. It takes quite a while to stay on the court as a starting wing that doesn’t play offensively and doesn’t defend very well.

Misconceptions: He is athletic. Or unsportsmanlike. Hard to say. He registered an impressive 39″ vert on the Combine, but the explosive power doesn’t always come out of the tape, probably because he jumps higher from two feet and often deals with paint overflow.

Important numbers:

  • 21: His age on draft night.

  • 5 feet 10: His high school height before he grew eight inches.

  • 18/4/4: His points/rebounds/assists per game as a junior

  • 50/40/81: His slash as a junior

  • 60%: His True Shooting Percentage

  • 352: The number of PnR possessions, including assists, he has had is the highest among likely first round players this year.

  • 89: His ball possession efficiency percentile is PnR, which Synergy rates as excellent.

  • 97: His “adjustment” ball possession efficiency percentile (essentially dribbling or shooting from “adjustment”), elite rating.

  • 11.7%: His overall bounce percentage is pretty low for a 6ft 7in wing.

  • 1.3: His spot-up possession points (hitting and passing) are ranked in the 97th percentile.

Nyx fit: Big. You can’t have too many big wings, and the Knicks have a significant lack of wings that are decision makers, athletic or very good shooters – Jalen combines all three!

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