The Mad Boosties podcast is a must-listen for NBA fans.

Crazy busties

Miles Gray and Jack O’Brien spend one season in their “Crazy bustieswhere they talk about NBA players and their games. They bring a very different approach to sports podcasts than you’re probably used to. You won’t find hot points of view or conflicting opinions here.

“It was the first step back that almost resulted in a backcourt violation,” Jack said of Jordan Poole hitting the buzzer at half court in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

“Yeah, it’s not a three-pointer, it’s a long shot,” Miles said, still in awe of Poole. repeat.

The Mad Boosties podcast is made up of two amazing friends who show their love for the game and appreciate the players by continuing to play it.

“It’s not going to be hot because we’re just not like that when we talk about sports,” Miles said of their unique approach to podcast style. “It’s like a lack of positivity, a lack of celebration, and how hard it can be to celebrate watching professional basketball and saying, ‘These players are good, it was nice to watch.’

The podcast was brought to life by the NBA and iHeartMedia to introduce a new, more conversational sports audio show to NBA fans. However, for two hosts, getting to this point was not so easy.

In fact, this isn’t the first time they’ve done a podcast. They didn’t initially start with sports, but ran another podcast on general topics like news and daily events. The two saw themselves constantly returning to basketball, and they did the most logical thing: they started a podcast dedicated exclusively to the NBA. It took them thousands of hours of recording to come to that conclusion.

When they finally decided to start the show, they had a purpose. This goal was to celebrate the achievements of the players and the league as a whole.

This can be seen in the way they talk about the development of the league and the style of the game. Some prefer old school hoops with more dominant bigmas, while others watch the new game with a focus on scoring. However, Jack and Miles just love this game.

“I feel like in the NBA every season we see the best product that hasn’t happened yet, and so I feel like this is another thing that I’m just excited about and I don’t hear so many people talking about it. . I’m just like this, isn’t anyone seeing this… I’m so excited to see what the league is like and things like Jah will look like next year, you know,” Jack said.

For those who haven’t had a chance to listen to the Mad Boosties podcast, in addition to the positive storytelling they bring, you’ll also be able to hear from some of the game’s greats and legends. The two had Lakers legend Robert Horry on the show and shared a behind-the-scenes look at the NBA and his own personal take on playoff games during his time on the team.

You will hear great people from the world of sports, but there is also a touch of comedy in the show. This is especially noticeable when the great comedian Roy Woods Jr. was on the show to talk about sports.

The Mad Boosties are still in their first season but have plans to add more interesting characters to the podcast.

“I would like to speak to any player in the league. We’ve been talking about it since the beginning,” Miles said. “I grew up with such a fan of the league. I’m like, oh boy For me, every player has something very interesting. This is a value for us; anyone who has played in the league is valuable.”

While everyone loves to watch amazing offensive play and hear what went through a player’s head when they made that shot, the defensive side of the ball is just as important. And if you ask Jack, it’s just as exciting. He wants to talk to the league’s top defensemen to get their opinion on the defense of some of the best scorers of all time.

“I want to talk to Jrue Holiday or one of the players who plays on the flanks in defense. I think what’s underestimated is how the guys learn the game and learn the people they’re going to guard and like what they probably notice, I think if we get someone to like, give us a level of detail,” says Jack. . “The amount of genius they bring to this and the amount of analysis they bring to this game is another thing that I think it would be really cool to talk about with a current or former player.”

They don’t tell listeners about their “sources” and don’t act like they know what the player will do on the loose, or about the rewards in the upcoming season. So when they say they’d like to talk to any NBA player, they mean they’re basketball junkies who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the league. However, Horry was one of the best players that Jack and Miles wanted on the show.

As fans of the game, Miles and Jack love to hear what the players have to say, even if it’s not necessarily their show. Therefore, being true lovers of the game, they think that the best understanding comes from those who play the game. The Boosties want more players to sit down at the mic and talk about the game.

“I love JJ Reddick. I just like his common sense — I appreciate his analysis,” Miles said.

Jack has doubled his love for JJ and is a fan of his analysis.

These two are successful podcasters, but they still have advice for the next generation of fans trying to do what they do.

“I’ve always designed content, trying to create what you want to see there, what isn’t there,” says Jack. “So that goes to show what inspires me about our show. That’s something I haven’t seen, like saving on hot rates.”

“You know, even in the analyzes it shows, and I’m just trying to get into this tone, but trust your taste.”

Miles also shared his words of wisdom with future podcasters.

“The lesson I learned just by working with Jack is to trust your instincts. If you really believe you want to do something and you have the motivation and inspiration to do it, that really matters. See what is there and where the gaps are, for example, even if you play sports, find an empty seat, because if everyone is on the same side, you will really stand out. Doing something different, especially if you believe in it, and not just doing something different for the sake of doing something different, like try and see what is and what is not, and how you can fill in what with your voice authentically.”

When you listen to a duet, you think it’s a trio and you talk to them. Mad Boosties have a unique, laid back yet captivating approach to their show and are quickly gaining popularity. If you’re a game buff and love to hear the positive rather than the always negative sides of the players, check out Mad Boosties Podcast hosted by Jack and Miles!

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