The Greatest NBA Players of All Time Statistically

Now more than ever, professional sports are dominated by statistics. There are many reasons for this statistic-based capture of our screens. Pure fan curiosity. Pre-match analytics for journalists and broadcasters. Betting lines. Statistics tell a story. They give room for prediction and perhaps even for precaution. in NBA Alone, statistics range from individual points per game to a team’s total steals, as well as a large number of numbers in between.

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AT game day, a new study yields shocking results regarding the best players of all time, at least from a statistical standpoint. The data they collected claims to end the greatest debate about NBA players. But their so-called best player is sure to cause a big stir in basketball circles. Game Day correctly called this man a great player, but it would be somewhat of an exaggeration to consider him in the greatest conversation of all time.

Editor’s note. The top ten according to Game Day can be found at the bottom of this article.

ten Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is generally considered the best basketball player of all time, but according to The Game Day research, he only ranks in the top ten. This immediately calls into question the reliability of statistical rankings. Simply put, there is No nine players better than Jordan, who during his time in the NBA redefined what it means to be a franchise player. Jordan was a once-in-a-generation talent that can’t be ranked tenth on any all-time list.

9 Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki at number nine is a possibility. Nowitzki led the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA championship, winning the MVP title in the process. His play was consistent and consistent, a solid power forward who ended his career with an average of 20.7 points per game. Nowitzki, a West German native, is often regarded as the greatest European player in NBA history, but the fact that he finished ninth overall may baffle some. This is not a contrived ranking, but some would consider Nowitzki to be more of a Top 20 player.


eight Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers have produced many NBA legends throughout their franchise history. Magic Johnson is one of the most controversial players on the Lakers’ long list of superstars. A five-time NBA champion and three-time league MVP, it’s no wonder Johnson made the top 10. Game Day’s statistical study ranks Johnson as the eighth-best NBA player of all time, which is fair, maybe even a little low.

7 Jason Tatum

With seventh place, The Game Day research starts to falter. Jason Tatum is a phenomenal player, one of the best in the NBA today, but after five seasons in the league, he cannot be considered the seventh best player of all time.

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Tatum is already a three-time All-Star with a career average of 20.9 points per game, but he hasn’t made it into the true top 10. At the age of twenty-four, Tatum has a bright future, so maybe someday, but definitely not now.

6 LeBron James

Like Michael Jordan, LeBron James is considered to be the best basketball player of all time, but in The Game Day study he is not in the top five. Again, this calls into question the ranking of players only by statistics. James was the king of the NBA in the twenty-first century, the best player since Jordan. Six points is too low, especially since James is the main topic of the greatest debate of all time.

5 Carl Anthony Towns

It would be hard to justify the inclusion of Karl-Anthony Towns in the top five list of the greatest NBA players of all time. He is not in the top five or top ten at this point in his career. Once again, you can laugh at The Game Day research with such a selection. Towns has played seven seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves and is averaging 23.2 points and 11.3 rebounds per game, which is impressive. Towns is a star, no doubt about it, but being the fifth best NBA player of all time is too much.

four Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard played for two NBA championship teams, winning for the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors. Currently with the Los Angeles Clippers, Leonard continues to gain momentum and develop an already solid career. Leonard’s first three seasons in the league were a probing process, but he eventually found his footing and turned into a solid player, even an NBA Finals MVP. But by and large, including statistics, Leonard is not the fourth best basketball player of all time.

3 Larry Bird

The third place in the ranking is confirmed by The Game Day research. Larry Bird is an NBA legend with 24.3 points, 10.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. Bird also played a key role in the Boston Celtics’ three NBA championships.

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The third-place bird doesn’t feel guilty, or at least not far from where it should be. The three-time league MVP has played at a high level throughout his career and is widely regarded as one of the best shooters to ever hit the NBA court.

2 Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is the reigning NBA MVP in a row. Jokic, the big player of the new era, who has proven how dominant he can be, will be a player to be watched for years to come. The Denver Nuggets have a real superstar. But then again, The Game Day’s study, which ranked Jokic second all-time, is premature. After seven seasons in the league, it’s still too early to rank him that high. Jokic is a player on the right track and may one day be considered the No. 2 of all time, but that place is not his for now.

one Kevin Duran

Without detracting from Kevin Durant’s career, he’s simply not the greatest NBA player of all time, despite what the statistics say. That spot is usually reserved for Michael Jordan or LeBron James in what could be the biggest basketball-related controversy today. Game Day’s research is interesting, but the absence of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Karl Malone, Tim Duncan, and Shaquille O’Neal from their list makes their conclusion too robotic. The truth is, when it comes to the greatest NBA players of all time, computers can’t compete with human conversation.

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