The College of the Air Force and Colorado will play at Widener Field on October 27.

The Colorado College Tigers and Air Force Falcons women’s soccer teams will take to the field and battle it out in the city’s inaugural Champions Cup at Weidner Field. This match is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 6:00 PM and tickets are on sale now.

Widener Field, home to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks of USL, is an 8,000 capacity stadium located in downtown Colorado Springs. It will host the city’s Champions Cup, a biennial event between the two excellent NCAA Division I women’s football programs.

“From 50th Anniversary of Title IX, this is a great opportunity to bring three City for Champions stadiums together for an event that will showcase our two Division I and Mountain West women’s varsity football programs in Springs,” said Leslie Irvin, Vice President and Principal of Colorado College. “We are excited to bring this platform to our student athletes and build a community. All of this points to why the US Olympic City is such a great place, and Colorado College is thrilled to be a leader in this direction.”

The Air Force Academy, Colorado College, Colorado Springs Athletic Corporation and the Switchbacks Football Club have partnered to plan and host this exciting event, which will also be the Mountain West regular season finale for each team.

Megan Leatham, President and CEO of Colorado Sports Corporation, said: “It was fun to see this event become a reality through a great partnership. Thanks to the Air Force Academy, Colorado College and Switchbacks FC for partnering with us to make this happen! This game will be special.”

Participation in women’s football is reaching new heights, and the Colorado College Tigers and Air Force Falcons are two local teams championing the movement. The City for Champions Cup aims to showcase the talent of these young women in the hope of inspiring other young women and girls to explore and develop football.

“This is a great opportunity to partner with the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation and host the city’s Champions Cup at Widener Field in downtown Colorado Springs for the next two years. two Division I women’s soccer teams compete in the Mountain West Conference,” the Air Force director of athletics said. Nathan Pine.

Switchbacks FC President Nick Ragain said: “We started looking forward to presenting this match in 2018 as plans began to form for Weidner Field and Robson Arena. Today, the talent and energy of Colorado College, the Air Force Academy, and the Sports Corp. The staff is sure to make this an instant classic Colorado Springs sporting event featuring our top female student athletes. Very exciting.”

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About Colorado College
Colorado College is a nationally renowned four-year liberal arts college that was founded in Colorado Springs in 1874. The athletics division includes two NCAA Division I sports (men’s hockey and women’s soccer) and 15 Division III sports, as well as several intramural and club sports opportunities. In 1970, the college developed the Block Plan, in which approximately 2,300 undergraduate students attend one lesson each during intensive 3.5-week segments. The college also offers a Master of Arts degree in teaching. Creativity and Innovation, Arts at CC, which also includes the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College, and the college’s anti-racist commitment are some of the key initiatives.

About the US Air Force Academy
Air Force consists of an intercollegiate program in 27 sports, as well as physical education and in-person classes, with a mission to develop the character of leaders through athletic experience. The vision of Air Force Athletics is to inspire lifelong service to the Air Force, the Space Force and the nation, provide challenging leadership experiences in a mentally and physically challenging environment, build a warrior spirit that inspires the will to win, and create exceptional stakeholders. and public experience to promote the Academy, Air Force and Space Force.

About Colorado Springs Sports Corporation
The Colorado Springs Athletic Corporation (Sports Corporation) exists to inspire and promote Colorado Springs, the US Olympic City, and the Pikes Peak region through sports and community events.
Through the promotion of events and community development activities, The Sports Corp plays a critical role in bringing community leaders together with some of the country’s leading sports organizations to promote tourism and create a positive economic impact. Sports Corp hosts significant events each year, including the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame, Colorado Springs Labor Day, the Star-Spangled Symphony and July 4th Party, the Broadmoor Pre-Summit Cycle, the Pikes Peak Regional Air Show, the Rocky Mountain State Games, and various sports holidays. In addition, the support of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the national and international governing bodies of the sport, and the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum remains a core component of the overall mission.
For more information about Colorado Springs Sports Corporation:

About the Widener field

Back in 2018, the Switchbacks teamed up with the Colorado Sports and Events Center’s City for Champions project to create a state-of-the-art multi-purpose venue for professional, Olympic and amateur events in downtown Colorado Springs. Private investment was supplemented with money from the State Tax Fund in accordance with the Law on Regional Tourism (City for Champions). No local tax dollars were used for construction or operation. In May 2021, The Switchbacks unveiled the new Weider Field, an 8,000-seat football stadium with three luxury club levels, concessions designed by 6035 Hospitality, and state-of-the-art LED viewing screens. The pitch consists of the first ever FIFA-approved cork walnut surface and provides a balanced and resilient field for the players. Weidner Field also includes “Epicenter,” a 35-foot-tall sculpture that dominates the northeast corner of the community’s representational display in Colorado Springs. The ramps leading to the stadium have a “reverse arrow” aesthetic that is both functional and provides stunning views of the entire Widener field.

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