The Celtics threw everything at Stephen Curry in the NBA Finals, and the Warriors star destroyed them anyway.

Stephen Curry is the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. The Warriors extended their dynasty by winning their fourth title in eight years thanks to his outstanding talent. Some of the best coaches in the world have been trying to plan a game to get around his offense since the Warriors started their game in 2015. Nobody has found a solution.

And yet, instead of absorbing Curry’s greatness after another phenomenal Finals performance, there were still criticisms before, during, and after games expressing disappointment that the Celtics didn’t defend him properly or contribute enough. adjustments.

Here is the true truth of God: Curry cannot be guarded. He is simply unstoppable. If a magical, game-changing adjustment could neutralize it, it would have been discovered by now.

These constant calls for adjustments negate the magnificence that is staring us right in the face. Curry is going to figure out a way to bypass every defense the teams try to use against him. The Celtics threw a kitchen sink at him in Game 6. They executed their game plan well and it didn’t matter.

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Former NBA video coordinator and assistant coach Steve Jones said he said it best in his speech. latest episode of “The Dunker Spot” podcast with Nekias Duncan of Basketball News.

“Think of a Marcus Smart and Derrick White matchup trying to stalk you and they have length and size to try and bother you and Boston trying to use all the defensive coverings,” Jones said. . “And after each clip, I thought: “Why do you need this? You left too much room for Steph Curry. You must rise above. You can’t switch without some extra support.”

“Think about how good you have to be to build the kind of team that cycles through that much defensive cover over the course of six games knowing they don’t want to. And you created them.”

Of all the teams the Warriors have faced in the past eight years, the Celtics had a defensive system that was arguably best suited to stop Curry. Their first-class athleticism and ability to switch was (on paper) a great way to deal with the warriors’ offensive, movement-oriented system. They had the 2021-22 Defensive Player of the Year at Smart to protect Curry and five other Celtics players. All-Defensive Team votes earned.

The Warriors adjusted by working on their offense and having Curry pull higher pick-and-rolls in the Finals. Giving Curry a ball worked great. He destroyed one of the best defenses in recent NBA history, averaging 31.2 points on 48.2% shooting from the field, 43.7% from deep, and 85.7% from the line.

There was no lighting that the Celtics could use to prevent this. They know because they tried. They started the streak by throwing their big men against Curry. This approach was heavily criticized, so they tried that and everything else in Game 6.

They started with Al Horford hedging on Curry ball screens. It didn’t work. What about discard and toggle peel? Nope. There were many calls to trap Curry, send two defenders on him and force him to give up the ball. It was a complete failure. How about we ignore Draymond Green and send him help? nope. Call for help early to stop his drives? curry punished it installation of open three-pointers.

In the end, the Celtics went over all those options again. Blitting. Ignoring Green. We return to a shallow fall. Hoping that Smart can stop Curry one on one. Switch Horford to Curry. We switch with Horford, then we team up in two teams with Curry. Guarding his face.

Curry beat everyone.

According to media voters, the Celtics had the best perimeter defenseman in the league. Curry passed Smart as if he didn’t exist.

And, in the end, such games cannot be stopped.

Curry cemented his legacy by finally winning his first Finals MVP, but it’s not like he needed that to prove his greatness. He showed once again that he is one of the most gifted players of all time.

The Celtics’ defense didn’t disappoint. Curry just beat them.

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