The best songs of the first season in the ranking

heart block is one of the most popular shows on Netflix today. Most recently, it was renewed for a second and third season – virtually unheard of for the streaming giant – and has changed the lives of so many LGBTQ+ youth around the world. Based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Alice Osman. heart block tells a touching story of love and self-discovery between Charlie and Nick.

Per Decisiveone of the most laudatory elements heart block, especially on social media, was the soundtrack. There are so many songs in the soundtrack that we decided to rank the best of them.

7 “Girls” – the girl in red

“Girls” from the LGBTQ+ badge, the girl in red, has gone viral in the past, but her appearance in heart block breathed new life into it. The lyrics of this song, played in the second episode, are specifically aimed at lesbians and are about accepting oneself for one’s sexuality. AT heart blockhowever, it plays out in scenes in which the young trans woman Elle is jealous of the other girls at her school, more specifically Tara and Darcy.

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6 “Sappho” – Frankie Cosmos

Another song that appears in episode 2, “Sappho” is a cute song about yearning for someone and getting more and more anxious the closer you get to them. The name is apparently a reference to the poet, originally from the island of Lesbos, from whom the word “lesbian” is derived. A song about two girls, but the show uses this song as the first song in the episode, probably telling the story of how Charlie yearns for Nick, not being sure of Nick’s feelings.

5 “If You Want” – beabadoobee

“If You Want” plays in the fifth episode when Nick goes to Charlie’s bowling party. Even though the song sounds like a soft and romantic ballad, the lyrics are actually about insomnia and weakness. In the show, the song represents Nick’s nervousness about being around Charlie’s friends, as well as Charlie’s lack of self-esteem in relationships.

four Smokey Ice – Lincoln

The song “Smokey Eyes” by alternative rock artist Lincoln is the soundtrack to the battle between Thao and Harry on the field, and it’s just the amount of chaos and anger that fits the moment perfectly. The lyrics are all about anxiety in a new place with no support systems, perfectly capturing Thao’s isolation as Charlie slowly becomes more estranged from him and more attached to Nick. This song is also one of the most unique songs on the season one soundtrack, and as such it stands out for more than one reason.

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3 “Don’t Delete the Kisses” – Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice is an iconic British grunge-inspired band best known for sharing a label with pop group The 1975. “Don’t Delete The Kisses” is one of their most popular songs – and for good reason. The dreamy sound combined with suspense-filled lyrics make for the perfect song, especially suitable for a movie soundtrack. heart block. The London lyrics are another aspect of this song, making it perfect for a purely British show. The song plays at the end of the first episode and turns the story into one of the most epic love stories to grace our screens.

2 “Why am I like this?” — Orla Gartland

This song is one of the most popular heart block a soundtrack that went viral on TikTok and shared its title with one of the most iconic lines from the show. AT heart block, he plays at the end of episode 2, just before Nick goes down the rabbit hole questioning his sexuality. The lyrics literally ask why the singer is the way he is, and it’s another angst-riddled song that fits the show perfectly.

one “I want to be with you” – Chloe Moriondo

Finally the best song heart block The soundtrack for the first season is “I want to be with you”. Chloe Moriondo. This song was referenced in the graphic novel that inspired the series and is perfect for Nick and Charlie’s story. It’s a teen rock anthem about not having to care about anything but the person you love and being happy together. It’s all heart block represents, and the fact that it is sung by a member of the LGBTQ+ community makes it even better!

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