The best Netflix movies and shows: what’s trending June 16, 2022

It’s no surprise that the number one most played game on both the top 10 movies and the list of top US TV shows on Netflix is ​​Adam Sander’s hit basketball drama. Fuss and latest adventures very strange things toss – just like they’ve been all week. However, on Thursday, June 16, 2022, there was some fresh blood, one of which starred one of Hollywood’s most beloved and hilarious Oscar nominees. To find out what they are and what else has the honor of being Most Viewed Titles on Netflix (will open in a new tab) today, read on.

Alex Monner in Centauro

(Image credit: Netflix)

Top 10 Netflix Movies in the US – June 16, 2022

Titles listed below the returning champion Fuss ‘Netflix’s top US action today is the same as yesterday’: Jennifer Lopez candid document Breakanimated Hare and hamster of darknessselected blockbusters Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol as well as The Incredible Spidermanand winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture Titanic. However, Elsa Pataky Interceptor was snatched again and is now in ninth place behind two Spanish-language new Netflix originals: a psychological thriller Wrath of God and action-packed crime drama centaurowhose fans fast and furious movies can dig. Meanwhile, Injury locker still locked downstairs… for now.

  • 1. Vanity
  • 2. Break
  • 3. Hare-chicken and Hamster of darkness
  • 4. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • 5 The Amazing Spider-Man
  • 6. Titanic
  • 7. Wrath of God
  • 8. Centauri
  • 9. Interceptor
  • 10. Wound locker

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