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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, as well as to all guardians, guardians and parents who do their best and deserve respect, not only today, but every day! We hope our list of great Father’s Day movies on Netflix will help you save time on endless scrolling time (that’s the official term) with our list of great Father’s Day movies on Netflix. Maybe your family was kind enough to give you some alone time today, or maybe you are planning to spend the day watching a family movie with your kids, either way we hope we can help you save some time by doing endless scrolling. . sucks time (it

There are so many movies that highlight this special bond with the guy we all call “Dad”, from poignant, romantic films like Kevin Hart’s recent dramatic turn in Fatherhood to hilarious dad-daughter bonding movies like The Mitchells vs. Cars. Below are a few more of our favorites.

1. Paternity

CAST: Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Paul Reiser, Lil Rel Howery


Fatherhood tells the story of a single, widowed father named Matt (Kevin Hart) who raises his daughter alone from the moment she was born when his wife passed away suddenly shortly after giving birth. And that would be enough to make it a triumphant and hopeful story. It’s also a drama about the importance of community, with characters like Matt’s supportive boss, Paul Reiser, and Matt’s relatives, Alfre Woodward and Frankie Faison, who mourn but want their granddaughter to be loved and cared for.

There is definitely a love in this movie, thanks to great acting and a heartbreaking storyline based on Matt Logeline’s book Two Kisses for Maddie: A Memoir of Love and Loss.

2. Father Soldier-Son

Brian Ash (English)CAST)


DESCRIPTION: The Netflix documentary “Father, Soldier, Son” took nearly a decade to make. What started as a New York Times article about a US Army company stationed in Afghanistan has become more focused on the life of one soldier, Brian Ash, and his family.

Directed by Lesley Davis and Kathryn Einhorn, this touching documentary follows a husband and father whose personalities are intimately tied to his military duty.

3. Project Adam

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Walker Scobell are among the cast.


DESCRIPTION: While Netflix’s Adam, starring Ryan Reynolds, is mostly a fun retro sci-fi adventure, the film’s emotional underpinning is the theme of fatherhood. Reynolds plays Adam Reid, a time traveler from 2050 who crashes his quantum plane in his childhood garden in 2022, reunited with his 12-year-old self, played by newcomer Walker Scobell. The two Adams then set out to find their father, played by Mark Ruffalo, who died in 2018.

4. Mitchells vs. Machines

CAST: Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudopleh, Mike Rianda, Eric Andre, Olivia Colman


Katie Mitchell (Abby Jacobson) is excited to leave home and go to college, but the night before her flight abroad, she had a fight with her father. To make up, he loads up the car and drives her (along with the rest of the family) to her first semester at film school, where they can have a last moment together. Unfortunately, their journey is cut short when a computer expert who looks like Steve Jobs unveils his latest creation: an army of AI robots that turn out to be much more complex than anyone could have imagined.

The robots are on the rise and the Mitchells are the only family that hasn’t been taken prisoner by faulty gadgets, meaning they have to start getting along or face the consequences.

5. Yes 5 blood

Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clark Peters, Norm Lewis and Isaiah Whitlock are among the cast.


DESCRIPTION: Spike Lee’s 2020 film follows four Vietnam veterans who travel to Southeast Asia in an attempt to unearth the remains of their old squad leader and possibly discover some hidden wealth. When David (Jonathan Majors), the son of ex-soldier Paul (Delroy Lindo), joins them, they have to confront some conflicts between father and son.

What begins as an epic adventure quickly turns into serious discussions about parenthood and heritage.

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