The 7 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

Zombies are a movie classic. Ever since George Romero brought the classics Night of the Living Dead, they entered our imagination and never left it. And, like a good, self-respecting undead, such films come and go, but never disappear.

And Netflix has a decent amount of movies on the subject. So, if you want some adrenaline, a good dose of fear, and important lessons on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse, Canaltech listed the top 7 zombie movies to watch on the streaming platform.

To start our list, let’s take something lighter. After all, the idea of ​​dating the undead is pretty unusual, and that’s what makes My zombie boyfriend interesting movie, to say the least.

With Nicholas HoultMad Max: Road to Fury) and Teresa Palmer (to the last person) in the cast, this feature came at the height of the Twilight fever when people were interested in romanticizing classic monsters. After all, if it worked with vampires, what could possibly go wrong with zombies?

And the message is really striking. That’s because the film transposes this post-apocalyptic world in which zombies are not the killer plague we’re used to seeing in Hollywood, but sort of a new evolutionary stage for humanity. So much so that they form a new organized society that exists in parallel with people – but does not give up their thirst for brains.

But all of this is put to the test when an undead male falls in love with a living girl. From there, he needs to prove that not all zombies are the same and that he can change his nature out of love. The problem is that it can upset the balance between these two worlds.

To survive in a zombie apocalypse, you need rules. It is these unwritten rules that will keep you alive when the law of the strongest rules and you have to fight the undead every day. AS WELL AS zombieland it’s a lot of fun playing with this idea, bringing a lighter side to this world that’s facing an invasion of reanimated corpses.

It is what guides the life of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), one of the last survivors of a devastated United States, who embarks on a journey home in hopes of finding his parents alive. And it is in the midst of this journey that he meets other survivors, including a young girl who appears to have been bitten and who will test her rules.

zombieland it’s proof that zombies don’t have to be limited to horror and suspense, but can also serve as the backdrop for great comedies.

Zack Snyder introduced himself to the general public from the zombie movie, a remake of the classic Dawn of the Dead. And, having secured a name in the industry, the director decided to return to the topic and return the undead to the screen with the help of Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas.

But, unlike his first foray into style, army of the dead It’s more of an action movie than a thriller. In this case, a group of skilled thieves combine their powers and skills to pull off a mega heist in Las Vegas overrun by brain-eating monsters. So, we see how this team fights not only for what they came for, but also to survive among the deadly hordes.

great charm Invasion of Las Vegas this is your composition. Snyder has assembled some very good actors who have brought very charismatic characters to life, so much so that it has made room for several spin-offs and sequels.

Based on the work of Max Brooks, author of the book Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z shows how the world must organize itself in order to rebuild itself after the apocalypse caused by the undead. So we have a former UN agent played by Brad Pitt who must investigate how it all began as he races against time to save his family.

While this sounds like the basic premise of a zombie movie, the movie is one of the few that sees the undead invasion as a health issue, and presents some interesting solutions to how that point of view will force the world to adapt to a new threat – especially when it brings something something new in dynamics involving monsters.

Unlike stories like Walking Deadwho approach zombies like this slow, rotting creature, World War Z very well uses the fact that the undead act in a horde, and this exaggerated number of corpses allows them to do rather absurd things – almost like a tsunami of the dead.

What would a zombie apocalypse look like in the age of streaming? For it is with this idea that the South Koreans #Alive jokes depicting the streamer as a zombie apocalypse survivor and how his fight to save himself from the end of the world becomes entertainment for his audience.

And this is the main hit of the film. In addition to all the action and suspense we expect from a film of this genre, #Alive follows the line of great productions from South Korea and turns the undead invasion into a great metaphor for the moment we live today. After all, the loneliness of her protagonist is the same that many face in front of the screens, and the hordes of zombies are not much different from the masses in search of solid entertainment.

zombie invasion – one of the films that opened the doors of the West to Eastern productions. Despite being a classic zombie apocalypse survival film, as the national title suggests, the pace and dynamics of the story quickly made it a classic.

This is because the entire plot takes place inside the train. At a time when all of South Korea is in a state of emergency due to the spread of a virus that turns people into monsters, only the city of Busan is a safe place. The problem is that there are passengers on the bullet train that goes there who hold deadly secrets that could end the place’s promised security.

Office it’s one of those movies that bets on a certain formula, and yet it’s different from anything we’ve seen in a zombie movie. When Australia is gripped by a virus that turns people into bloodthirsty undead, a man must race against time to find someone who can take care of his newborn daughter. The reason for this is simple: he himself has been infected and must now race against the clock to ensure the child’s safety before he, too, turns into a monster.

It’s a classic father-sacrifice story that works so well and fits in perfectly with the idea of ​​a zombie apocalypse. Thus we see the excellent Martin Freeman on a pilgrimage through the harsh conditions of Australia, on a journey stressed not only by impending danger but also by an inevitable farewell.

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