The 7 Best Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movies According to Metacritic

Netflix is ​​releasing original films with growing profiles and budgets, culminating in Ryan Reynolds’ recent double feature. red notice as well as Project Adam. The former action movie was not a hit with critics, but it was funny nonetheless. The latest sci-fi romp was somewhat better and was a great combination of Reynolds and his free guy Directed by Shawn Levy.

In addition, the streamer has a very recently released Spider. The film’s cast, led by Chris Hemsworth, is rounded out by Jurnee Smollett and Miles Teller, who, like Reynolds and Levy, are reunited with their Top Shooter: Maverick Directed by Joseph Kosinski. However, Project Adam as well as Spider won’t be alone on Netflix’s list of worthy sci-fi movies, and Metacritic has critic and user ratings for almost all of them.


ten Extinction (2018) – 40

AT Extinction, Michael Peña portrays Peter, a father who suffers from vivid, recurring nightmares about a mysterious apocalypse. Soon, premonitions become reality, and aliens descend to Earth. Now Peter and his wife Alice (Lizzy Caplan) must do whatever it takes to keep their two daughters alive.

Reviewers were quick to praise Extinctionthe concept and work of Peña, Kaplan and the rest of the main characters, but as with most Netflix sci-fi films, praise isn’t everywhere. The film also received some criticism for its performance, especially its slow pace.

9 Tau (2018) – 43

Tau Mike Monroe stars Should as well as Guest as Julia, a young thief locked in Alex’s (Ed Skrein) smart home, a brilliant sadist. With Julia is the main protagonist of the film, an AI voiced by Gary Oldman. Initially appearing hostile, the Tau is more misunderstood and restricted to a cruel master. Now Julia must escape captivity and leave her life behind, possibly taking Alex and saving her new friend in the process.

Reviewers were divided on the horror film, with particular criticism directed at the film’s ending and abrupt pacing. However, more positive reviews felt it was a fun horror film with a good cast.

eight Out of the Wire (2021) – 45

Beacham in Outside the Wire

Out of the wire It stars Anthony Mackie as an android officer who teams up with a young drone pilot to stop the end of the world. Following the standard storylines of most sci-fi apocalyptic films, there aren’t many surprises. Out of the wirebut critics conceded that it was excellent entertainment nonetheless.

Praise has also been placed on the shoulders of lead characters Maka and Damson Idris, whose chemistry keeps the film moving at a manageable pace when bullets aren’t flying.

7 What Happened to Monday (2017) – 47

stellar hidden gem What happened on Monday includes Glenn Close, Willem Dafoe and seven Noomi Rapace. The latter depicts identical seven living in an overpopulated future world. Each family is only allowed to have one child, so the seven women live in isolation, although they take turns going to their only communal job. However, when one of the sisters goes missing, their existence tends to be revealed and their lives to be destroyed.

Showcase Rapace received mixed reviews from critics, but fans have had better success. The film’s metascore is 47, while the user rating has fully risen to 6.5, which means favor.

6 Don’t Look Up (2021) – 49

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Timothée Chalamet in Don't Look Up

It may have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, but Adam McKay Don’t look up rather a mixed bag than an outright triumph. However, while viewers wait for the most anticipated Netflix original films of 2022, they can get more than McKay’s two-hour commentary on the current political landscape.

While the social satire received Academy acclaim, its Metacritic score only indicates a mixed critical response. However, fans have embraced McKay’s scathing vision and given it a positive reception.

5 iBoy (2017) – 50

Bill Milner as Tom in iBoy

Netflix iboy stars Bill Milner (Rambow’s son) as Tom Harvey, a London teenager who is put into a coma by a thug’s bullet. When he wakes up, Harvey is told that parts of his new cell phone are stuck in his skull. Harvey is soon able to visualize digital transmissions and hear phone calls coming from far away from him. With his new skills, Harvey is sent on a mission to get revenge on the gang members who harmed him and his neighbor Lucy (Maisie Williams).

General reaction to the film was mixed, with Williams receiving substantial praise, while issues were raised with the film’s tone and use of clichés.

four Opening (2017) – 54

Charlie McDowell Opening Robert Redford plays Dr. Thomas Harbour, the man who proved the existence of the afterlife. Jason Segel portrays Dr. Harbour’s son, Will, who arrives at his father’s isolated facility with his new girlfriend, Isla (Rooney Mara). The two learn something about the doctor and his discovery that sheds an unwelcome light on the purpose of life, and what they do with their newfound knowledge is crucial.

The cast McDowell put together for his film was not enough to garner more than mixed reactions from critics, although even the negative reviews found oddities worthy of praise. The high concept of the film was mostly praised, but the way the concept was carried out was also criticized.

3 Project Adam (2022) – 55

Young Adam and older Adam in the forest with a flashlight

There are unpopular opinions about Netflix original films, but the benefits of Ryan Reynolds’ involvement in red notice as well as Project Adam not one of them.

However, like fans, critics prefer science fiction. Adam Project action comedy red notice, especially for his high-energy acting, engaging tone, and the chemistry between Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell as the younger version of his character. In addition, Catherine Keener continues the villainous streak after her stint in 2018. Incredibles 2.

2 Midnight Sky (2020) – 58

George Clooney in the movie Midnight Sky

While not one of George Clooney’s best films, it is an impressive start to his directing career, which has been dominated by historically or politically motivated ventures, some of which have been successful (Good night and good luck., Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Ides of March) and some not so good (Treasure hunters, Suburbicon)

midnight sky received mixed reviews from both critics and users, but the first side was superior to the second.

one See You Yesterday (2019) – 74

Movie scene

See you yesterday is a Spike Lee-produced story about CJ Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian Thomas (Dante Critchlow), two brilliant teenagers who change their backpacks to allow them to travel through time. When CJ’s brother is killed by a racist cop, she and her friend strap on their backpacks to prevent the tragedy.

The film received high marks from critics in almost all areas. Its intellectual social significance and Duncan-Smith’s performance received particular praise.

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