The 6 Best Netflix Series With Worst Characters

Netflix has produced some of the most popular series in recent years. The streaming service creates many well-received shows for its many fans. However, even high-rated productions can have weaknesses. Despite the TV show’s strong storylines and great acting, the main characters can be hated.

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If the main character is flawless, the audience will not be able to understand, so some human flaws always give dimension to the main character. However, these shortcomings can soon become repulsive. Some Netflix protagonists have a narrow vision and only care about achieving their goals, even if it means hurting their loved ones. As such, some of the best Netflix series feature the worst protagonists.

6 Nadia’s tough appearance repels people (Russian doll)

Russian nesting doll follows Nadia Vulvokova (Natasha Lyonne), who repeatedly dies and is released on the same night in an ongoing time loop. In the second season, she travels back in time as her mother to fix the past and their future relationship. Through Russian nesting dollNadia is blunt and inadvertently hurts those around her to protect herself.

Because of her difficult upbringing, Nadia alienates those who care about her. When Alan, who is also stuck in a time loop, finds her childhood pictures, Nadia kicks him out of her apartment barefoot and gives him the shoes. When her married boyfriend leaves his wife for her, Nadia breaks up with him. Overall, Nadia’s pushing people away makes her an unlikable protagonist.

5 DJ changes abruptly (Fuller House)

Fuller House was one of the most anticipated Netflix series. He brought back the story and most of the cast of his predecessor, Full house. The audience liked it Fuller House and applauded its modern adaptation, correcting the outdated humor of the original. However, in the sequel, DJ Tanner lost her way. Initially, the DJ was balancing fun and maturity. Even when she was rebellious as a teenager, DJ took care of her sisters and handled her other duties.

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Fuller House tries to reflect the character dynamics of its predecessor. Even though DJ has some resemblance to his father Danny, they are completely different. AT Full house, Danny was often seen as a talker, and his daughter was a fun-loving rebel. Viewers were put off by the DJ’s personality change, which tainted the DJ’s former liking.

four Otis’ feelings for Maeve overshadow the rest of his relationship (sex education)

sex education is one of the highest rated series on Netflix. Because his mother is a sexologist, Otis Milburn teams up with high school rebel Maeve Wylie to open a therapy clinic. The couple answers questions from their classmates about gender, sexuality, safe sex and other intimate matters. Otis spends time with his first girlfriend, Ola Nyman, wishing she was Maeve. When Ola confronts him, he explains that Maeve is cooler and more popular than her. Also, he makes a drunken speech that upsets Maeve and Ola at his party.

For Eric’s birthday, Otis and Eric were supposed to go to a musical. They both decided to dress up as the main character, wearing blonde wigs, miniskirts, and jewelry. Otis was supposed to support Eric, but decided to spend the evening with Maeve. Eric was left alone and was brutally robbed. These events made it difficult for fans to relate to or love Otis.

3 Devi seems to only care about herself (never)

Never I never chronicles the life of Devi Vishwakumar as she travels through school, family, friends and falls in love. Never I never cheerful, mostly due to Devi’s extremely imperfect nature. While her flaws make her close, she rarely does the right thing. Known as a “mess”, Devi makes terrible decisions that shock the public.

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Tunnel vision and selfishness of the main character make her hurt others. In the second season, Devi bonds with Ben and Paxton. After being caught, she does not apologize for the deception. When Paxton finds out about this, Devi diverts his attention, causing him to be hit by a car. Moreover, Devi starts a rumor about Ben’s new love interest because she is jealous. As it turns out, Ben’s love interest was forced out of school. Because Devi is selfish and chaotic, the public began to hate her.

2 Emily doesn’t know other cultures (Emily in Paris)

When Emily in Paris which premiered for the first time, it has amassed a strong fan base. However, audiences soon realized that Emily Cooper was a terrible protagonist. The comedy-drama followed Emily’s cultural clashes when she moved to France. Rather than sympathize with her move to a new country, viewers often roll their eyes at her attitude.

AT Emily in ParisEmily is rude and annoying. When she first arrives in Paris, she has a distinctly American-centric view of the world. She corrects the numbering of the building’s floors with the rental agent, not realizing that every country has its own way of labeling things. Also, Emily didn’t learn basic French and was shocked when people didn’t communicate with her in English. After Emily had an affair with her friend’s boyfriend, fans gave up trying to please her.

one Joe possessive and dangerous (you)

You is one of the most famous series on Netflix. The psychological thriller is mesmerizing, boasting a gripping plot and strong acting. Based on the books by Caroline Kepnes. You revolves around Joe Goldberg, who has a dangerous and twisted view of love. Joe is constantly obsessed with various women and takes drastic measures to win their affection.

In the first season, Joe is crazy about Guinevere Beck. However, when Beck learns Jo’s secrets, he holds her hostage before killing her. He also killed her friend Peach Salinger for being in love with Beck. By the end of Season 3, Joe and his new girlfriend Love have killed a total of 15 people. Trapping people in cages, killing everyone in his path, and framing innocent people, Joe becomes more and more dangerous with each season. You Continue.

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