The 5 Best Netflix Shows to Watch on Father’s Day 2022

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to queue up some of your favorite Netflix shows and spend the day scrolling through your watchlist?

Whether you’re looking for a good show to watch with family and friends on Father’s Day, or you need a little escape from reality to take your mind off the holiday, Netflix has plenty of options. There are so many cute fathers on Netflix to celebrate.

From a couple of solid throwbacks that will make you laugh and touch your heartstrings, to some of the biggest shows currently streaming on Netflix, Sunday June 19th shouldn’t be boring.

Father’s Day Netflix Shows

Here are the best shows to watch on Netflix with your dad or father figure, but they are also the best shows to watch if you just need some fatherly energy on Father’s Day. Let’s start with one of the best new Netflix shows of 2022, Lincoln Lawyer.

Lincoln Lawyer

Based on the book series and a character created by Michael Connelly, a Netflix original series. Lincoln Lawyer The premiere took place in May 2022 and became one of the most successful shows of the year. Mickey Haller, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, returns to work as a lawyer at his Lincoln, while reconciling fatherhood and two ex-wives along the way. This is an exciting and mysterious watch that will keep you guessing until the last seconds, and it will return in the second season.

Netflix Show - Father's Day - Manifesto

MANIFESTO – Crosswind Episode 110 – Pictured: (left) Luna Blaze as Olive Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone – (Photo: Barbara Nietke/NBC/Warner Brothers)


How could you celebrate Father’s Day without making it one of the best TV dads of all time? We met with Josh Dallas, who plays ManifestoBen Stone on his journey through fatherhood on screen and in real life. His on-screen fatherhood journey continues with Manifesto Season 4 will release later this year on Netflix, so don’t miss it right now.

One on one

Ready for nostalgia? Fathers out there would probably prefer to rewatch old episodes Seinfeld or Star Trek, but Netflix has a number of sitcoms from the 2000s that are perfect for family weekend viewing. One on one follows a former athlete and single father who becomes a full-time father when his teenage daughter moves in with him. It’s a hilarious blast from the past and all five seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

Shitta's Cove - Netflix Show - Father's Day

Schitt’s Creek – “Open Mic” – Image Number: SCH406_0191.jpg – Pictured (LR): Daniel Levy as David Rose, Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd, Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, Daniel Levy as David Rose and Katherine Ohara as Moira Rose – Photo: Pop Media Group LLC, 2020.

Friday night lights

While we love Ben Stone and think Josh Dallas played two of the best TV dads of all time, Friday night lights boasts one of the greatest fathers and fathers in television history. In the beloved series, Emmy Award winner Kyle Chandler plays coach Eric Taylor, a devoted father and high school football coach. Relive all the best moments with Coach Taylor on Netflix!

Shitts Creek

If there is one show that has become universally adored, it is Shitts Creek. The comedy series (Look What We Did There?) surged in popularity after it aired on Netflix a few years ago and the world watched this family find their footing together. After six seasons, the Rose family is back on their feet, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to watch. Don’t miss your chance to watch the binge before Shitts Creek leaves Netflix in October 2022.

What Netflix shows will you be watching on Father’s Day? Share your choice in the comments!

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