The 10 Worst Netflix Shows According to Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix was one of the first streaming services to create its own content. In the beginning, most shows always ran for more than one season. It’s very, very rare for a show to be canceled after one season or a few episodes. However, this has not made Netflix immune to bad programming.

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Currently, Netflix’s performance for content is off the charts. This leaves a lot of room for error, and some not-so-great shows have squeezed through the cracks. Gone are the guaranteed future seasons, and the shows have to really qualify, just like any other streaming service or network. For every show like very strange things, Bridgertonor Ozark Unfortunately, there are a few losers in the group.

ten Marseille failed to capitalize on the house of cards craze (33%)

Marseilles, Netflix’s first original production in French is a political drama that follows Mayor Robert Taro as he goes to war within his political party with his former protégé turned rival. The show ran for two seasons before being pulled by Netflix.

The series was panned by critics for its writing and improbable plot. Marseilles it seemed like Netflix was trying to capitalize on the hugely popular House of cards, since political dramas were in vogue at that time. With an audience score of 68%, it seems viewers agreed with critics on some aspects of the show, though not all.

9 College friends waste their squad (24%)

Friends from college boasted an impressive cast including Cobie Smulders, Keegan Michael-Key and Fred Savage. The show was about friends who graduated from Harvard while trying to get through their 40s together. It was canceled after 16 episodes.

Most critics agreed that the impressive cast couldn’t hide Friends from collegelimitations. Critics described it as a “lucky hit”, especially citing the lack of cohesive storytelling. Friends from college wasted his superb ensemble cast and largely unimpressed most critics and audiences.

eight Sexy critters can be boring (23%)

Dating Reality Series, sexy beasts picks up two people on a date, but makes them wear heavy animal prosthetics so they can recognize each other without seeing what they really look like. It was originally a British reality show in 2014 before being revived by Netflix in 2021.

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Both critics and audiences hated sexy beasts, calling the whole process boring and makeup unnecessary. They also all agreed that the dates were superficial and boring. There’s no word yet on whether Netflix will be renewing the series for a third season, but perhaps they should read the feedback from just about everyone to make the decision easier.

7 Sex/life lacked substance outside of sex (22%)

Sex/Life burst onto the scene in 2021, starring Sarah Shahi as a housewife going through a midlife crisis and determined to indulge in fantasies about her past. A kind of love triangle forms between her husband and her ex-boyfriend. It was renewed for a second season.

One thing that was generally agreed upon was that Sex/Lifelack of content outside of full sex scenes. The show went viral due to a scene that took place in the shower, with fans arguing whether it was real or not. Sex/Life certainly confirms the old saying: sex sells.

6 Between those affected by a bad game (22%)

Lesser known show on Netflix, Between The action takes place in the small town of Beautiful Lake, whose inhabitants are threatened by a virus that destroys everyone over 22 years old. Between had two seasons on Netflix, and while it wasn’t completely cancelled, there has been no progress since the second season was released in June 2016.

Critics said the series relied too heavily on post-apocalyptic clichés and suffered from poor acting in its ensemble. One critic put it bluntly: “What do Pretty Lake adults die of? It’s definitely not excitement.”

5 There’s too much going on in Hard Cell (20%)

Released April 2022, Rigid cell about Laura Willis, head of the women’s prison. It follows her and several inmates in a prison in Essex and is shown in mockumentary style. Catherine Tate created the show and also plays five different roles.

While viewers seem to like Hard Cell more than critics (it has an 88% audience score), critics noted that Tate, who plays part of the show’s characters, is very popular with viewers. The show has also been noted to date from its humor. Tate doesn’t quite reach the heights of his critical darling The Catherine Tate Show.

four Disjoint failed to overcome Netflix’s multi-camera misses (19%)

Scattered Kathy Bates stars as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a woman who, with the help of her son and other friends, runs her own cannabis pharmacy in Los Angeles. The show only lasted one season, released in two parts between 2017 and 2018 before being cancelled.

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Critics have found Scattered being soft, relying too much on marijuana clichés. The show was created and produced by Chuck Lorre, who generally has a good track record when it comes to sitcoms. Unfortunately, Netflix has had a lot of blunders in the realm of multi-camera sitcoms.

3 The hoops were just plain offensive (14%)

hoops is an animated sitcom for adults that follows foul-mouthed basketball coach Ben Hopkins (voiced by Jake Johnson) as he attempts to turn a terrible high school basketball team around. The show only lasted one season before being canceled by Netflix in December 2020.

hoops received extremely negative reviews for its crude and vulgar humor. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus described the show as “gross, gross and pointless, hoops“Season 1 throws nothing but bricks.” Viewers didn’t seem to like the show either, as it only has a 52% audience rating.

2 Insatiable got a flak before it was even released (11%)

Insatiable follows Patty Bladell, an overweight teenager who is constantly bullied for her weight. Switching to a completely liquid diet, she loses weight and goes to take revenge on her bullies. The show ran for two seasons before being canceled by Netflix.

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Insatiable drew criticism before release for its plot inducing phobia and fat shame. Star Debby Ryan used a fat suit for her overweight character, which was also criticized. Upon release, most of these criticisms were justified as the show featured blatant stereotypes not only of obese people, but of several other groups as well.

one The real Rob hit rock bottom (0%)

Standing with a shocking (or not-so-shocking) 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Real Rob was an absolute critical failure. Rob Schneider plays himself in a fictional version of his daily life in Hollywood. His real life wife, Patricia Schneider, also plays his wife on the show. Marvelous, Real Rob ran for two seasons before being canceled by Netflix.

Citing unfunny satire and meta elements, most critics considered it a bad version of shows like Curb Enthusiasm as well as Episodes. The show has also been criticized for stereotyping Mexicans and people with disabilities. Real Rob surprisingly has an 82% viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which was probably his salvation to earn a second season.

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