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The popularity of a production is a factor independent of good reviews and financial success when it comes to films in theaters. At home, when series and movies are streamed, their reach is measured by audience. And then yes, in this parameter we have a greater similarity between a large number of viewers and the popularity of programs among the public. For example, we may have a show that was highly acclaimed by critics and pundits, approved by viewers and fans, but failed to attract a large audience and become truly popular. On the other hand, we also have shows that have been panned by critics and about which viewers like to speak badly, but which for some reason have become extremely popular with viewers. Indeed, “talking bad” is part of the show’s popularity, because in order to devalue it, you had to watch it. In other words, popularity largely depends on how much a particular product arouses viewer interest in viewing it. Whether they like it or not, it’s still five hundred.

With this in mind, this decisive factor in the longevity of a TV show, here we discuss the most popular series of all time in the history of Netflix, the number 1 platform today. And for this we will not use critics’ scores or the general public’s scores. Here we will use as a measure the number of ratings this program receives from viewers on the web’s largest movie site, IMDB. In other words, the Netflix shows that have attracted the most viewers since the company started. Check it out below.

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Mixed with a crime thriller, this family drama ranks as the tenth most watched series of all time on Netflix. Ozark opens up our story by telling the story of a family whose patriarch (Jason Bateman’s more comedic role) works as an accountant for drug dealers who are forced to launder big money for five years. To do this, he moves to another city with his wife (Laura Linney) and daughter (Julia Garner). After four seasons that premiered in 2017, the series ended in January of this year, but remains one of the most popular series among fans in Netflix history. The series has over 290,000 viewer ratings.

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The first thing we will never forget. The series, which ranks as the ninth most watched of all time on the streaming platform, was also one of the firsts for Netflix and one of its first major successes. Released in July 2013, Orange Is the New Black explores the world of women’s prisons in the United States based on true events. The protagonist, home-made blonde Taylor Schilling, plays a version of the real Piper Kerman, a young woman sentenced to a year and a half in prison for illegal services she rendered to an ex-girlfriend. The series ran for at least seven seasons, until 2019, and drew nearly 300,000 viewers.

We are very proud to feature our compatriot, dear and talented Wagner Mura, in one of the most popular series of all time on Netflix. And not only that, the 100% Brazilian actor is one of Narcos’ allure and protagonists. Moura, of course, masterfully brings to life the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, historically known as one of the greatest drug dealers and criminals of all time, who built a real empire at its peak. Resolutely Escobar de Moura entered the hall not only of his best performances, but also the hall of the best villains of recent dramaturgy. And most importantly, a charismatic villain. Narcos debuted in 2015 and became one of the first Netflix sensations. The show aired for three seasons until 2017 (only the first two with Moura and Escobar) and spawned another series Narcos: Mexico which also ran for three seasons until 2021. The original has over 400,000 fan reviews.

Now on the list we have the first mini-series to appear. It’s also the only format that has found a place and become one of the most popular of all time on Netflix. The difference between a mini-series and a regular series is that it is scheduled to premiere with a beginning, middle, and end throughout the episodes – with no intention of continuing the story in new seasons. As such, The King’s Gambit only has seven episodes for fans to enjoy. The program is based on a novel by writer Walter Tevis, the same author as The Corruption Challenge (1961), The Color of Money (1986) and The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), and addresses obsession in its lyrics. Here the young orphan becomes a chess prodigy. The star is Anya Taylor-Joy, who earned a few more points of her fame with an outstanding performance. The miniseries receives over 410,000 ratings.

In an article about the most popular shows on Netflix that are still on, I tried to post a South Korean-made Squid Game (English title of Round 6) as a bonus. This is because this is not a Netflix original series that only has the right to stream worldwide. In any case, if they had included it, it would have been the third one today. But considering its highly publicized worldwide audience, it has become the most viewed of all time on the platform. Based on fan ratings on the internet’s largest movie site, IMDB, Round 6 is ranked as the sixth most popular streaming video of all time here. Round 6 was released in 2021 and a second season has already been confirmed. The program has received over 420,000 feedback from the public.

Do you remember when the Marvel series was owned by Netflix? Well, this has never happened in such a distant past, the first time it happened in 2015. This was the time when the platform was launching its first phenomena, and a partnership with Marvel could help. The first of those six series was Daredevil, which kicked in the door with both feet and made us forget about the previous film adaptation starring Ben Affleck. This was followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and the Defenders miniseries. Too bad Disney shut down before they saw the Bullseye version of the show. Apparently, Disney Plus plans to continue these series, now in their own domains. Anyway, on Netflix, Daredevil ran for three seasons and received over 421,000 fan reviews.

Again quoting another article I wrote as the most popular series on Netflix is ​​still running, this medieval fantasy adventure show starring current Superman Henry Cavill came in at number two on the list. For fans and users of the web’s largest movie site, IMDB, it manages to surpass even the all-powerful Round 6 in popularity. Me, not really. In any case, adapted from a series of books and games, The Witcher has dropped two positions on the list of the most popular games of all time. That means fans have found two more favorite shows to play ahead of the show starring Cavill. However, The Witcher moved up significantly from fifth place with over 468,000 viewers.

In third place on the list of the most watched series of all time on Netflix is ​​another show from the past. Looking at this new ranking, you can see that it’s mostly made up of already ended series whose popularity has honestly had more time to grow and conquer. So, so far, we’ve had shows like Ozark, Orange Is the New Black, Narcos, Demolidor, and the mini-series Oh Gambito da Rainha all duly completed and still preferred to current sensations. The moral of House of Cards is that it’s the platform’s first phenomenon, the first hugely popular show to be made in its original Netflix form. The tense and dramatic plot about an American politician who becomes the President of the United States is actually a version of the British series. But the success of this kind of remake managed to surpass its predecessor. Unfortunately, before its conclusion, House of Cards will be marked by the sexual harassment scandal of its main character, the “cursed” Kevin Spacey, who was fired from last season in 2018. The series has six seasons since 2013 and has over 495,000 public ratings.

Here, in second place on the list, taking the silver medal, we will make a small detour. There are hugely successful titles on Netflix like Round 6 and Cobra Kai that aren’t homemade originals. That is, they are produced by other companies, but were distributed by the largest streaming platform to date, sharing the laurels with it. Such is the case with Black Mirror, the cult series that became a phenomenon thanks to a push from Netflix. Initially, the futuristic series, which commented on our relationship to all sorts of machines and technologies, always with a melancholy or acidic vision, aired on the British channel Channel 4, where it aired its first two seasons, without due exposure. The series was even closed. Imagine if we didn’t have the phenomenon that he became. That’s when Netflix saw the potential and decided to buy the rights, in addition to producing the third season itself, which has some of the best episodes like San Junipero. The show, which may be returning soon, has over 519,000 fan reviews.

It really doesn’t matter to anyone. I recently wrote an article showing the most popular current Netflix series to the general public, i.e. the shows that were still on the air (during the era of streaming, which led to new guaranteed seasons). And there was no other, first of all, of course, it was “Very strange things.” Proving that the series created by the Duffer Brothers is not only popular with current series, it also ranks as one of the most watched of all time on Netflix. It’s moral! So that there is no longer any doubt in comparisons with series that have already ended but remain extremely popular, such as House of Cards, Orange is the New New Black, Narcos and Daredevil; data and facts must be acknowledged. Based on ratings from the general public on the network’s largest movie site, IMDB, Stranger Things is by far the largest Netflix series and one of the largest among all other platforms and channels. That’s because the highly nostalgic series, set in the 80s, which created a sensation among the young girl Millie Bobby Brown and brought back veteran Winona Ryder to the fore, has at least 1 million public reviews worldwide. world. Take it. Stranger Things is a gem of popular culture today, and its popularity will resonate in years to come.

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