The 10 Best Non-English Netflix Shows by Rotten Tomatoes

It’s easy to forget that Netflix was once a platform that only offered movies and series that were first available elsewhere, a streaming evolution of their original DVD-by-mail business model. But when the burgeoning company began producing its own original products, it became home to exclusive films and series that not only attracted subscribers but also competed for Emmys and Oscars. And it wasn’t long before Netflix also became one of the biggest sources of original international movies and shows that might otherwise not have arrived in the US.

Since then, Netflix has produced some of the best non-English-language shows to date, offering international fares to American fans who normally would never know the series existed. Many of these series are also critically acclaimed, with their combined Rotten Tomatoes ratings giving some of them near-perfect ratings.


ten Ghoul (2018) – 87%

Nida Rahim looks into the light at Gul.

Released in 2018, ghoul is a Netflix Indian horror series, the original language is Hindi. It does have an American connection as Jason Blum of Blumhouse helped produce it. The horror miniseries is set in a dystopian future where fascism has become the main form of government.

One of the scariest original Netflix series, ghoul focuses on a secret government internment camp where a single interrogation sets off a series of supernatural and horrific events as an inmate reveals the interrogators’ most shameful secrets. Critics at Rotten Tomatoes called it “short, creepy and surprisingly poignant”.

9 Tribes of Europe (2021) – 92%

black cube

Tribes of Europe was a German-language Netflix original science fiction television series that premiered in 2021. The action of this series took place more than 50 years in the future, when a global catastrophe divided Europe into warring dystopian tribes who want dominance over other states.

This leads the three siblings to discover the existence of a mysterious cube that could allow them to change the fate of Europe. The first season only had six episodes, but was renewed for another season. Rotten Tomatoes critics liked it, calling it a series “based on compelling characters” and “a serious fantasy series that will satisfy fans of imaginative dystopias.”

eight Sky Rojo (2021) – 92%

Lali Esposito, Veronica Sanchez and Yani Prado in Sky Rojo on Netfix

Sky Rojo is a Spanish-language crime comedy that premiered on Netflix in 2021. The series involves three prostitutes on the run from their pimp. The show may be a black comedy, but it’s also a dark and disturbing look at prostitution.

The first two seasons had a total of 16 episodes, with a third and final season of eight episodes coming in the near future. Rotten Tomatoes says that the show “blurs the boundaries of good taste, but the compelling performances and fast-paced pace give this meaty series some serious momentum.”

7 Squid Play (2021) – 95%

Squid Game Hoyoung Jung as Kang Sae Byuk and Lee Yoo Mi as Ji Young

The surprise hit of 2021 is a South Korean survival drama. squid game. The Netflix original series has become the most watched original series of all time and is the lock on for a second season that’s coming soon. First season squid game there was a man unfortunate enough to join a competition where he played childish games against others.

The winner of the games received enough money to live in comfort for the rest of his life. All other contestants will die. Squid Game was not only a ratings success for Netflix, but also became a critical darling with a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

6 Dark (2017) – 95%

Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald standing by a cave in the dark

Dark was a breakout time travel series produced by Netflix from 2017 to 2020. The series, in German, was about characters in a German city who learn that time travel exists and set out to discover the truth about the city. The most interesting thing is that the actors played the characters in six different years, from 1921 to 2053.

Dark ran for three seasons and 26 episodes and received near-universal acclaim from critics and viewers on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics called it “tense and terrifying” and one of Netflix’s “strongest and weirdest sci-fi stories”.

5 Kingdom (2019) – 96%

Zombies chase a man in Kingdom on Netflix.

While the zombie genre has languished in recent years, Netflix released an original South Korean series that introduced a completely different take on the horror genre in 2019. a mysterious illness, only to discover an epidemic turning his people into zombie-like creatures.

kingdom was a successful Netflix series and ran for two seasons, and a full-length episode was even filmed a year after the second season. Kudos to the cinematography and action scenes, as well as the dry humor and heartiness.

four Call my agent! (2015) – 96%

call my netflix agent

Call my agent! it’s not a non-english series that a lot of people are talking about. However, the French-language series ran for four seasons and 24 episodes and spawned a South Korean series of the same name that is also available on Netflix.

Call my agent! The action takes place in a talent agency and focuses on the lives of agents and their relationships with clients. What makes it funny is that real celebrities show up on the show to play themselves. Rotten Tomatoes critics call it “a satisfying skewer of the bizarre world of showbiz”.

3 Hell’s Frontier (2021) – 97%

Hellbound Season 2

Hellish was another non-English horror series acquired by Netflix in 2021. This series is a South Korean series about beings called Hellbound who suddenly appear on Earth and intend to kill certain people. A cult emerges claiming that God sent these demons to kill evil and enlists the support of government officials.

However, when an innocent child becomes the target, everything is turned upside down. The first season had six episodes and ended up outperforming squid game as a new popular international series. It was a rare series that was liked by critics, but the audience was lukewarm with a 69% approval rating.

2 Elite (2018) – 97%

Elite was a completely different non-English language series on Netflix. It was a teen drama series in Spanish. Elite took place at an elite high school that shows the relationship between the school’s wealthy students and three children from working-class families who received scholarships. When a murder occurs, the children begin to attack each other.

The series was a huge success. Five seasons and 40 episodes have already been released, and a sixth season is also expected. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes called it “well-digestible, technically strong junk TV” with “charismatic characters” and received a high score of 97%.

one Lupine (2021) – 97%

Lupine season 2

One of the highest rated non-English language series in Netflix history was based on an old series. Lupine is a French-language series starring Omar Sy as Assan Diop, a man inspired by master thief Arsène Lupine, a character in early 1900s pulp novels. His goal in life is to take revenge on the man responsible for his father’s death.

First season Lupine consisted of 10 episodes divided and released in January and June 2021. Netflix has renewed it for another season, which is yet to be released. Critics at Rotten Tomatoes called Lupine “smart, sexy and classy.”

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