The 10 Best Lovecraftian Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix

Since the advent of the term Lovecraftian, this type of horror storytelling has captured the imagination of filmmakers for decades. With hits and cult favorites like Evil Dead, Thingas well as Fogeven viewers were fascinated by the true unknown and the fears it could bring.

When it comes to Lovecraftian or cosmic horror, Netflix has produced some hits and misses over the past few years. And while everyone will have their own preferences, each of these Netflix offerings has tried to at least do something different to bring a fresh take on the subgenre.


Silence (2019)

After a cave exhibit awakens a group of mysterious flying creatures, the Andrews family must do their best to find safety while also trying to remain silent as this unknown threat is tracking sounds. As the United States struggles to contain the situation, Hugh Andrews (played by Stanley Tucci) must protect his deaf daughter from other people as the country descends into chaos.

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Despite his critical panning and much in common with his beloved Quiet placeThe film really tried to create a tense trip across America. And while the true origins of the deadly creatures are never revealed, it’s how they turned other people into monsters that really drives the story.

Eli (2019)

Eli Netflix Ending

Suffering from a rare disease that causes a series of allergic reactions to the outside world, Eli and his family visit a medical facility where they can help the boy. But shortly after arriving, he begins to see supernatural phenomena and questions the legitimacy of the doctors and nurses caring for him.

What begins as a ghost story gradually turns out to be much more serious and dark than viewers might expect. Eli into potentially one of the best horror movies featuring creepy kids. And it is this unknown force that keeps the film on its toes as it intrigues in equal measure.

Apostle (2018)

Dan Stevens in Apostle (2018)

The action takes place in 1905 on a remote Welsh island. Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) tries to find out the whereabouts of his sister, who has been kidnapped by a cult living there. But what begins as a rescue mission soon turns into a thriller as Thomas soon discovers there may be more to the cult than meets the eye.

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He can share some blows with the likes wicker man, but the film’s emphasis on the supernatural and otherworldly presence plays a big part in the story. And this revelation behind the cult and the beloved figure they pray to turns this into a Lovecraftian take on what would otherwise be different. wicker man clone.

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

The action takes place at Cloverfield Station in 2028. The crew of an orbiting space station is trying to create infinite energy for the Earth using a particle accelerator. But after a successful attempt, the crew finds themselves in a strange predicament as the Earth has seemingly disappeared and strange events begin to occur on board.

This sci-fi horror movie may not have been the sequel fans were expecting. Cloverfield series, but it makes for an intriguing space story. From sentient limbs to traveling through parallel universes to finding a woman who has merged into a wall, the filmmakers have at least tried to tell the new Lovecraftian horror before it becomes part of the plot. Cloverfield franchise.

Spectral (2016)

Spectral Netflix

Responsible for inventing the special goggles that the film’s soldiers used, Dr. Mark Kline (James Badge Dale) finds himself on a mission to uncover strange ghosts that appeared in the footage they filmed and killed the soldiers. But as the war turns the tide against them, can the doctor unleash this irresistible force before it’s too late?

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No newcomers to war action movies, Netflix Spectral was their attempt to turn the genre on its head with some sci-fi and paranormal implementations. While the film may not be the best war movie on the streaming platform, it at least tries to keep the suspense going until the end.

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

In the shadow of the moon

After he thought he killed the killer in 1988 after they went on a string of brutal murders, Detective Thomas Lockhart (Boyd Holbrook) tries to stop a would-be copycat killer in 1997. But after chasing a possible suspect, he soon realizes that the same killer after all these years is alive and has remained the same age.

Although the film starts out as a thriller, it turns into a sci-fi tale and leaves viewers questioning everything. While it may not inspire too much horror, the killer and his motives may have more to do with Lovecraft’s sci-fi than some might expect.

Extinction (2018)

An engineer named Peter (Michael Peña) constantly dreams of war and alien invasions. But soon after his dreams become a constant problem for him and his family, they become real and he must help fight back against the invaders.

Extinction At first, the story may seem similar to other alien invasion films, but as the film progresses, it shifts into more cosmic horror. And, like some of Lovecraft’s best sci-fi stories, it also has its own twists that audiences may not have expected.

Bird Box (2018)

The action takes place in post-apocalyptic America. bird box tells the story of Malory Hayes (Sandra Bullock) and her two children as they try to find a safe place to call home. But with creatures that can make someone see their worst fears and drive a victim to suicide, they must make a perilous journey blindfolded.

One of the biggest titles on Netflix at the time of its release. bird box was also one of the most popular horror films in this subgenre. Despite the hatred of critics, audiences have come to love this 2010s horror film. Since the audience never sees or knows where the creatures come from, it’s hard to say how the sequel can unravel the mystery and the world it created.

In the tall grass (2019)

Based on the book of the same name by Stephen King and Joe Hill, the film shows Becky and Cal DeMut getting lost in a seemingly endless grassy field. And to make matters worse, they start seeing strange phenomena as they try to find their way back from the battlefield.

Mixture of horror and supernatural In the tall grass turns a seemingly ordinary field into an ominous force of nature. And with idiosyncratic ghosts and paranormal visions, the film plunges into the unknown and takes many characters with it on a terrifying ride. Just try not to watch this Canadian film alone.

Annihilation (2018)

All-star cast host Natalie Portman plays biologist Lena, who enters the Twinkle to learn how to save her husband, who has fallen into a comatose state after escaping. But shortly after entering an unknown and mysterious area, she and her team encounter a number of mutated animals and plants that have apparently become infected with it.

One of the critics’ favorite films of 2018, it also remains an acclaimed piece of Lovecraftian horror cinema. Blending a range of genres to create some of the most disturbing and bewildering scenes in recent memory, AnnihilationThe cosmic mystery will keep viewers in suspense until the very end.

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