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The best player

R.A. Long faced arguably the busiest schedule in the entire country and narrowly missed out on a 2A GSHL playoff. Alvarez scored 15 goals for the Lumberjacks with three assists and finished second in league offensive MVP voting.

RAL coach Max Anderson called Álvarez “a ridiculously talented player in a ridiculously difficult league”.

Coach of the Year

Oncesimo Sebastian-Gonzalez, Woodland

In his first year at the helm, Sabastian-Gonzalez immediately put his stamp on the program. By juggling the roster and calling in JV players when needed, the Beavers coach instilled confidence in his players that led to a fearless style of play that helped Woodland get through the final regular season game to make the playoffs. and roll slate 2A GSHL.

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Selected to the All-League Second Team, Radillo scored nine goals and provided three assists for the Lumberjacks.

Krager Clark, Mark Morris

Clarke, an All League No. 2 selection, scored three goals while captaining the Monarchs and earning team defense MVP awards.

Selected to the All-League first team, Guzman led the Beavers’ offense and led the team in goals with eight.

First Team All-Conference draft Beckett Turner outscored the Fishermen with 16 goals and three assists.

First Team All-Conference draft Jayden Turner held onto midfield with 11 goals and eight assists.

Jacob Isaacson, R.A. Long

Isaakson, an All-League second-team player, anchored the Woodcutters defense from center back, helped pull off five shutouts of the season and added four assists.

Odenilson Lopez, Mark Morris

The Monarchs Offensive MVP Lopez scored three goals of the season, including an equalizer against Woodland, leading to a comeback victory.

Ciro Belmontes-Beuno, Kelso

In a meat grinder with a 3A/4A schedule, the highlanders had to look for positive results everywhere. Belmontes-Beuno gave Kelso fans some much-needed smiles when he scored a brace in a non-league win against La Center.

The key to defending the Beavers, his coach called “traffic jam.” Rosales was named the Woodland MVP and received All League First Team honors during his first season in the United States.

An honorable mention in the 1A Evergreen League, Glenn made 73 saves and left the Fishermen with four shutouts.

Matthew Ethridge, Toledo-Winlock

United have gone as far as Ethridge could have done this season. He earned the 1st All-Conference Team Honors with 24 goals.

Liam Hendrickson, R.A. Long

Hendrickson, who earned an All League Honorable Mention, kept the defense on his toes from his forward position, scoring nine goals and adding two assists just in case.

Bobrov striker Cruz earned second place in the All-League after scoring eight goals and helping his team to the playoffs.

Neil Patching, Toledo-Winlock

United’s senior teammate, Patching was the second team selected in the all-conference for United on their way to the district tournament.

Danny Bailey, Mark Morris

The Monarchs goaltender has gone through a lot of testing this season and, all things considered, has done an excellent job of posting numerous games with over 20 saves. The Monarchs also took penalties four times during the season, and Bailey made saves in each of them, including a victory over Woodland.

The lumberjacks knew they had a solid defense to a large extent against the Oberlo. Entering the right-back position, he thwarted the opponent’s attack and made six assists.

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