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Welcome to this week’s Swanni Sez Newsletter, which includes links and summaries of the week’s (July 12-18, 2022) TV technology news, as well as comments from yours truly.

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And now on to the news of the week:

Are Apple MLB games in 4K or HD?
Since Apple started streaming MLB games this year, it’s been a mystery whether they’re in 4K or HD. So, the Teleresponder is here to solve TV mysteries. The secret is revealed! Click link to our history.

Apple Adds MLS Deal to MLB Deal: Next Sunday Ticket?
Apple announced it has signed a 10-year deal with Major League Soccer that will bring the Apple TV app to every live MLS match starting in the 2023 season. Click link to our history.

The Sports Business Journal today published a great inside look at how Apple and MLS reached an agreement despite the many pessimists on the sidelines. However, we still don’t know if Apple and MLS have a waiver on the 10-year deal, which is an important part of this story. Will Apple really offer games for 10 years or will they drop them in a year or two. (Forbes reported that Apple has a year-long opt-out from the MLB deal, so it says it’s highly likely that the company has a similar clause in the MLS deal.)
To read the Sports Business Journal article, click this link.

Will Apple MLS games be available in 4K?
Apple’s press release did not say whether the games will be available in 4K, 1080p, or other HD formats, and company officials have not publicly commented on possible display formats. However, Athletic reports that MLS, which will handle the broadcasts, plans to produce them in 1080p, the best high definition format available.

But does that mean they won’t be available in 4K? Not necessary. Click link to our history.

YouTube TV will broadcast the US Open in 4K
YouTube TV has joined DIRECTV in announcing it will be offering 4K coverage of this week’s US Open golf tournament from a country club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. The two pay TV providers continue to actively offer 4K programming, and this is paying big dividends to the growing 4K audience. Click link to our history.

MLB TV is now 50% off for Father’s Day
A bundle of MLB.TV games not currently on the market can now be purchased at a 50% discount in honor of Father’s Day. There are two days left, so act quickly. Click link to our history.

What is NFL Plus? And how do you subscribe?
There was a lot of talk about a new service called NFL Plus. But what exactly? Is it realistic to get? Click link to our history.

Will the MLB All-Star Game be in 4K?
Fox has yet to play a single Major League Baseball game in 4K this season, so will it at least continue its tradition of hosting the annual All-Star Game in 4K? Click link to our history.

NHL Finals in 4K?
Speaking of 4K, how about the NHL Finals between Tampa Bay and Colorado? 4K or not to be 4K? Click link to our history.

Netflix now takes ideas from old media
Netflix, one of the greatest revolutionaries of the last two decades, is now struggling to attract new subscribers. But he can find a way out by borrowing scripts from the very companies he’s been destroying for years. CNBC have this story.

Sidebar news:

*Sinclair has 12 days left to meet the Bally Sports cord-cutting app launch deadline in the second quarter.

* June 17, 1994: * The first DIRECTV plate goes on sale at Cowboy Maloney’s in Jackson, Mississippi. O.J. Simpson sets out to chase the Bronco at low speed on the Los Angeles freeway after being framed for the murders of wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

True Story: The day after O.J. was acquitted, he called the satellite distribution department to order a subscription to our TV Guide for Directv. (I was the editor and publisher of the magazine at the time.)

* Brian DePalma’s ‘Blow Out’ Coming in 4K
If you’ve never seen DePalma’s Breakout, it’s a terrific suspense thriller starring John Travolta as an exploitation film sound engineer who accidentally records a mysterious accident involving a presidential candidate. Great movie and now it will look great in 4K again. Click See this HD Report story for more information.

It’s all for today. Let me know if you like Swanni Sez and what you would like to see in it.

Happy viewing everyone and stay safe!

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