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Even when Snoop Dogg is just fooling around, everyone around him is in the right mood. As he jokingly told the audience on his first Netflix comedy special, whether you’re high on weed or high on nature, you’ll have a good time with him, his DJ, and a select group of his funny friends. .

Essence: Snoop Dogg, a Long Beach native who rose to fame as a rap superstar in the 1990s, has managed to transcend generations and genres three decades later.

So did he befriend Martha Stewart for Martha and Snoop Dinner on Vh1, or more recently with Kevin Hart to discuss the Olympics or 2021 in a Peacock review, or even for his own Peacock series. Damn it’s a crime, he has always managed to bring a freestyle lightness to everything he asked for. Not surprisingly, Netflix, which previously released Coach Snoopwould like to include him in their comedy business.

For this showcase, Snoop performed a medley of his own hits, had DJ Pooh throw in some of the other songs so everyone could sing along, and then invited Katt Williams, DeRay Davis, Melanie Comarcho, Donnell Rawlings and Mike Epps on stage to joke around. and sit with him to chat.

What comedy episodes will remind you of?: If you’re looking for a comparison other than the many Netflix Is A Joke Festival specials that also just aired on the platform, then you might want to check out Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jams from the past decade-plus. (Also, don’t forget that Snoop Dogg also hosts a special comedy clip on Peacock, So dumb it’s criminal.)

Memorable anecdotes: Whether you had mixed opinions on Williams’ latest Netflix special or you still think, like Snoop in his intro, that “that’s the only cat that is a GOAT”, you can’t deny that Williams maintains a remarkable stage presence. and can somehow keep it within the seven-minute set in which we’re all revisiting bulltails.

Several performers have referenced Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars, as well as an audience member who rushed onto Dave Chappelle’s stage at the Netflix festival earlier in the week the recording was made.

Rawlings had a lot to say about “WAP” while Epps joked about running into his buddy’s daughter at a strip club, though he later eclipsed himself with a microphone malfunction by banging on the microphone while imitating a knock on the door.

On the whole, the stand-up sets were solid, but not as memorable as their subsequent squats with Snoop, who watched them from a living room set up on the side of the stage. The clip above shows Williams reminiscing about the first couple of times he met Snoop and how he claimed the rapper’s early support of his comedy career ended up helping him sell 25 million copies.

Our opinion: This special knows what it is and Snoop is in good hands.

You can see the stark difference between this Netflix festival demo and, say, Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live the showcase was filmed at the same Hollywood Palladium (where they also filmed the showcase of Bill Burr, Amy Schumer and “The Hall”), even in Snoop’s intro, where he and DJ Pooh rhymed around Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”. After that, Snoop joked about how much a sample of this song would cost. “But don’t stumble. Netflix will pay for this.”

Snoop may have a world-class reputation for getting stoned, but he’s not going to put on a half-hearted performance or anything special.

Even the banter over each of the comics, which comes out so organically and effortlessly, is full of great moments. Davis was delighted with the memory of how Snoop sometimes forgets his lyrics and needs a piece of paper or a teleprompter to help him, but he could also change when Snoop asked about Davis’ longtime friendship with Kanye West, and stand up for Ye, how still just a person going through life’s traps.

Our call: AFTER. Don’t care about the title. Snoop is a consummate professional at rap and comedy, and even his jokes are better than many other performers who try their best.

Sean L. McCarthy is working on a comedy beat for his digital newspaper. Comic Comic; before that for real newspapers. Located in New York, but will go anywhere for a sensation: ice cream or news. He also tweets @thecomicscomic and podcasts with half-hour episodes featuring comedians telling origin stories: Comic Comic Presents the Last First.

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