‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory Suggests Steve’s Imminent Death

The following are spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 currently streaming on Netflix.

Many have been patiently waiting for new episodes of the popular Netflix series, and they did not disappoint. First seven episodes very strange things Season 4 contained some of the series’ scariest moments. In addition to giving viewers teeth chattering fear in Season 4, Season 4 also brought tears to their eyes. This season focused not only on “California Eleven” but included storylines involving the inmate Hopper as well as the gang in Hawkins.

While Season 4 was heavily focused on scaring people out of their wits, the series hasn’t forgotten about a few couples. Although it seemed like a disaster in paradise for almost everyone. very strange things relationships – including Mike and Eleven. Nancy and Jonathan weren’t on the best of terms either. Due to the couple’s problems, sparks flew between Nancy and Steve while diving into the underwater portal upside down. AT Reddit The theme for Episode 7, “Chapter 7: Massacre at Hawkins Lab”, several users feared Steve’s imminent death in Volume 2 from an infection caused by Dembatov.

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Steve Harrington has undergone tremendous character development since very strange things began. In the first season, Steve was nothing more than Nancy’s vain and rude boyfriend and a typical bully. The third season saw him grow into one of Dustin’s closest friends and role models. Steve also became close to Robin during their time at Scoops Ahoy!, which led to him becoming a fan favorite character.

Steve has consistently proven his ability goes beyond babysitting younger characters, helping to take down the Demodogs and translating Russian radio messages for Dustin. Despite his transition to being helpful, Steve reprized his role as babysitter throughout Season 4. He also took his heroic powers to the next level when he volunteered to dive into an inverted portal due to his previous lifeguard experience in Episode 6 “Chapter Six: Dive In”.

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Steve was pulled into the Upside Down portal by a tentacle and got into a fight with the Demobats. Nancy, who has obvious feelings for Steve, followed him after he was sucked into the portal. Before Nancy, Robin, and Eddie arrived, the Dembats had bitten off about a pound of flesh from Steve. In the style of Ozzy Osbourne, Steve even bit the Demobat to defeat him. After Robin noticed Steve’s injuries, she expressed concern about his possible exposure to rabies.

Given Steve’s undeniable feelings for Nancy, he could suffer the same fate as Bob in Season 2. If Steve had died, it would have happened before he and Nancy could reconcile their relationship. A lot of very strange things fans will riot if the show kills off one of its most likable characters. Hopefully fans will see Nancy and Steve together again and Volume 2 won’t be the end of it.

The first volume of Stranger Things Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix. Volume 2 will be available on the streaming service on July 1st.

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