Stephen Curry: Is the Warriors star really in the top 10 in NBA history?

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curryin addition to becoming an NBA champion, this season he received unique accolades that sparked a conversation that often loses its meaning when a serious retelling of a story is being made, as he received for the first time in his career Bill Russell Trophy Considering the Finals MVP, many pundits and fans have placed him among the top 10 basketball players of all time.

However, when we start thinking without the emotional factor of winning a championship and do a recount, we can analyze and answer the question of whether Stephen Curry really Top 10 Players in NBA History?

To do this, we have selected 10 legendary players in 75 years of the NBA and we give you a few reasons why it’s hard to say that Curry is better than either of them, making it clear that the order we’ve placed here doesn’t necessarily mean the ranking of the players.

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Michael Jordan

Airy Jordan has two more championships than Curry, five more Finals MVPs, four more season MVPs, more points scored, six more NBA First Team appearances, among many other designations that make it almost impossible to place “Chief”. ” above Bulls of Chicago legend.

Bill Russell

Just saying he was the leader of 11 NBA championships as a player Boston Celtics That’s reason enough to put him above Curry, for good reason: The trophy that Chef just won is named after him.

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Six-time champion, six-time NBA MVP, all-time leading scorer, 19 All-Star Game appearances10-time first team with noticeable advantages in all these aspects over the “Chief”.

Wilt Chamberlain

Known for leading the NBA in single-game scoring with 100 pointsfew people know that he is the leader in rebounding (23,924) and that he was the leader in this category for 10 years, in addition, he was the one who scored more points in the entire NBA for seven years, although he has fewer titles than Curry, practically due to the presence of a three-point arc and paint.

Magic Johnson

The comparison to Curry here can be straight forward as they share the point guard position, Curry is a better shooter, but otherwise he has one championship less, two Finals MVPs short, one MVP less regular season, five better on the NBA First Team. choice.

Larry Bird

Stephen Curry is very commendable to say that he took Larry Bird’s legacy as a shooter to a much higher level, we can also say that he has won one more title than Bird, but the impact on his team in decisive moments, his five more picks in NBA All-NBA First Teamanother league MVP, the Boston legend was overwhelmingly ranked above “The Chef”.

LeBron James

We said Kareem Abdul Jabbar holds the record for points in NBA history, that honor will go to The King soon enough, and while James has the same rings as Curry, he has three more Finals MVPs, nine more NBA First Team picks, two more regulars match. – Season MVP and three more Finals MVPs.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq didn’t even try to hit a 3-pointer, but his paint dominance is for many the greatest ever, if he was a decent free throw shooter, the record difference between points scored and allowed for a man who has scored in NBA history would be even higher, they have those same championships, but O’Neal has two more Finals MVPs.

Tim Duncan

The faces of the last two dynasties in the NBA can be some serious competition, and while on offense Curry may even surpass the Spurs legend, Duncan’s defensive dominance makes him the best power forward in history, and he also has four NBA First Team stints, eight more Defensive first team pick, one more championship and two more Finals MVPs.

Kobe Bryant

This is where Curry, apart from Kobe’s undeniable influence on the media, has a more even comparison, Kobe has one ring more, he has more points, Curry is a better shooter, but he was elected seven fewer NBA first teams, and, what few people know, Bryant was elected to nine perfect defensive teamsCurry to zero.


Stephen Curry is the best shooter in history, the player who changed basketball the most since Wilt Chamberlain, everyone says he is an icon of our generation, but he is very difficult to rank Top 10 Players of All Timethere are certainly arguments in all cases, but the facts presented above make it extremely difficult to place him above any of these legends.

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