Spurs in the 2022 NBA draft

Welcome to 2022 NBA draft! Fans of the San Antonio Spurs also have a lot to look forward to in the next few hours, picking four matches from the top 38.

it Zach Colwell from PtR with all of you to break down every choice and every possible deal the franchise has made, attaching some very meaningful scores to it, ha!

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What should have been an exciting night for the organization got even more tense last night when it was revealed the Spurs and Hawks were in discussions for All-Star point guard Dejonte Murray for Atlanta’s John Collins and a possible draft pick.” Jrue Holiday. package. So on a night of unpredictability for Silver & Black, almost anything can happen. Buckle up, it’s draft time.

Pick 9 – Jeremy Sochan F – Baylor

With their first pick in the 2022 NBA draft, the San Antonio Spurs selected Jeremy Sochan; Versatile 6’9 defensive forward from Baylor. With high-potential players like Dyson Daniels and Shaydon Sharp off the board shortly before the Spurs hit the clock, Brian Wright is looking for a prospect who is high-level but has room to improve on both ends of the court. Sochan is known as one of, if not the best defenseman to enter this year’s draft due to his versatility, lateral quickness, and IQ. Question marks remain for Sochan on offense where he is not a natural shooter or sharpshooter, but he can create for others and is happy to do all the dirty work without the ball. The Baylor forward just turned 19, making him one of the youngest prospects in the draft, matching the schedule of Primo, Vassell and Keldon. It’s an extremely solid pick for Silver & Black as Seochan should help out next year by playing the position needed for the franchise while at the same time offering potential for the future.

Grade: B+

Peak 20 – Malachi Branham (W) – Ohio State

The Spurs retained their second pick in the draft and used it to select Malachi Branham from Ohio State. The 6-foot-5 Wing was the perfect college player who exploded onto the scene with his three-tier scoring. Branham was shooting 42.5% of three and had a 59% shooting percentage for 13.3 points per game. It’s a great pick for San Antonio as Branham was predicted to be slightly over 20, but several options dropped as teams took chances on more promising prospects like Dalene Terry and Tari Eason. The 19-year-old will provide the Spurs with a boost in points that the team desperately needed last season when Dejutn Murray came off the bench. The theme of this draft for Silver & Black so far has been to select high-flying leads who can help from day one, but with some untapped potential.

Rated excellent-

Choice 25 – Blake Wesley Gee – Notre Dame

The Spurs take their third player in the first round, this time in a departure from the first two picks, taking draft quarterback Blake Wesley from Notre Dame. At 6’4″, Wesley is the third 19-year-old to be selected by the Spurs in this year’s draft. Wesley has an incredibly high ceiling and has the potential to become a truly great NBA player and the best player in the draft this year. Wesley is a silky offensive prospect who uses his long strides to get to the basket. The defender has some explosive power when he attacks the basket while having a smooth shot from the outside. The most exciting part of his attacking play is that he has a few moves to create for himself and has shown he can score from an isolated set. Even better is his defense, he is already a great off-the-ball defender who jumps down the passes devastatingly and aggressively. He works hard to stay ahead of his opponent when defending with the ball, and his quick hands make him lose the ball from time to time. Wesley does not claim to be a playmaker, and early in his NBA career may find it difficult to score due to his slight build. Also, defensively, he can fight with large wings due to his size, but against most guards, he shouldn’t fight back too much. Having Blake Wesley 25th is phenomenal value for the Spurs, and after taking two “safer” prospects with their first two picks, it was good to see them swing from third.

Grade: A+

Select 38 –

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