Spring 2022: All-City Boys Soccer, Track and Field, and Boys’ Lacrosse


Most Valuable Player

Tyson Haunga (Senior Lehi): “Tyson just loved the program and he loved his teammates,” coach Tim Graham said. “It was great to watch him. He always picked them up when they fell. He will fight for each of them and will do his best to help the team. He will do anything for these guys. Without Tyson’s leadership qualities, football IQ and just general ability, we wouldn’t be playing for the state title this year at Rio Tinto.” Scored two goals.

Most inspiring PlayR

Cade Preston (Lehi Jr.): “Cade has always had a calm demeanor and his ability to motivate others in difficult situations is amazing,” said trainer Tim Graham. “The team trusts him and is confident in his leadership. When Cade Preston talks to the players, everyone listens.”


Christian Jones (Senior Lekhi): Scored eight goals, but even better placed others with nine assists.

Nathan Shepard (Senior Lehi): Top scorer with 10 goals and five assists.


Cesar Morales (Elder Lehi): Constant effort to control the flow through the middle; two goals and one assist.

Colton Marsing (Co. Lehi): Fast, two-sided, scored a goal and made four assists.

Gavin Fenn (Lehi’s father): The freshman phenomenon scored eight goals, had three assists and was a strong player on the field.

Brock Hester (Senior Skyridge): He has great touch in the middle and will continue to play at the next level.


Daxon Watts (Senior Skyridge): Able to play in any position and very good with the ball.

Anthony Bustos (Junior Lehi): The indefatigable defender was a strong defender of the net; also one goal and one assist.


Caleb Cowley (So. Lehi): Saved an impressive 11 out of 16 PCs, 91 total saves, three shutouts, eight wins.


Most Valuable Performer

Sara Ballard (Junior Lehi): won state gold medals in the 100m and 200m sprints, earned bronze as part of the Lehi 4x400m relay team; set a new 5A record in the 200m.

Honorable mention

Kylie Olsen (Junior Skyridge): State Silver in 400m and 800m.

Caroline Moon (Junior Lehi): 800m state silver, 4x400m relay bronze, 1600m fourth place, 7th at an altitude of 3200 m.

Aja Rajwong (senior Lehi): State silver in discus, 8th in shot put.

Cheney Bowman (Cf. Lehi): State bronze in the 4x400m relay.

Rose Welch (junior Lehi): State bronze in the 4x400m relay.


Most Valuable Performer

Jefferson McMullin (Senior Lehi): Earned state gold in the 1600m and 800m, took silver in the 3200m and ran a stage in the bronze medal-winning 4x800m relay team.

Honorable mention

Benjamin Johansen (Senior Lehi): State gold in the 110m hurdles and 4x400m relay.

Tig Andersen (Compare Lehi): State gold in discus throw, bronze in shot put and javelin.

Elijah Earl (Senior Lehi): 4x400m relay state gold, 110m hurdles bronze, 4th in the 300m hurdles.

Seth Wallgren (Senior Skyridge): 3200m State Gold, 5th at 800m, 7th at 1600m.

Isaac Daley (Senior Lehi): Gold of the country in the relay race 4×400 m, 5th in the 4x200m relay.

River Mur (Senior Lekhi): Gold of the country in the 4x400m relay, 5th place in the 4x200m relay.

Smith Snowden (Junior Skyridge): 100m state silver; bronze at 200m

Jacob Smart (Senior Skyridge): State silver in the 300m hurdles, bronze in the 110m hurdles.

Noah Begay (Junior Lehi): State bronze in the relay 4×800 m, draw 6th in the high jump.

Tyler Martin (Wed. Lehi): State bronze in the 4×800 m relay, 7th at an altitude of 3200 m.

Owen Amakasu (junior Lekhi): State bronze in the 4x800m relay.

Joseph Brandt (Senior Skyridge): State Pole Vault Bronze.

NOTE. Three relay teams from Skyridge won bronze medals, but the names of the medal winners are unknown.


Most Valuable Player

Steel Cooper (Senior Lehi): Offensive and defensive linebacker scored 75 goals and finished 6th in the state in all classifications with an outstanding shooting percentage of 61. Also had 22 assists and finished 13th in Utah in points and 50 ground balls.


Makaffefi Javea (Junior Lehi): scored 49 goals and had 22 assists and finished in glasses for pioneers.

Barret Heilner (Senior Skyridge): Falcon’s top player with 34 goals and 43 assists for a total of 77.

Jackson Butterfield (Senior Skyridge): Scored 36 goals, 21 assists, 26 grounds and 13 clearances.


David Jacob (Senior Lehi): Double Threat: 13 goals, 11 assists, 84 grounds and 100 faceoffs won.

Gabe Taylor (Senior Lehi): 60 ground balls collected, best face-off score of 52 percent.

Shayden Stevens (Senior Skyridge): Team’s top scorer with 50 goals and 14 assists.

Jace Anderson (So. Skyridge): Won 87 faceoffs with a 45 percent chance of success, 52 ground balls.


Camden Cook (Senior Skyridge): The furious defender collected 70 ground balls and 41 clearances.

Cameron Dalle (Senior Skyridge): Scooped up 39 ground balls and caught 21 takeaways.


Tyler Dazhany (So. Lehi): Earned a 42 percent efficiency mark with 149 saves; six victories.

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