Spriggan season 2 teased in post-credits scene of new Netflix anime

A new anime reboot of the iconic Spriggan franchise just hit Netflix, but will the series be renewed for a season 2?

Saturday, June 18thNetflix has released a new reboot of the cult sci-fi thriller The Spriggan.

A significant portion of viewers of the recent Spriggan reboot probably hadn’t even been born by the time the series debuted in Japan in 1989. However, modern anime fans remain as impatient as ever, and almost as soon as the series premiered. This weekend, the community immediately started asking about Season 2.

As of June 20th, neither Netflix nor production team David Productions have publicly confirmed that a second season of Spriggan will be in development; however, fans are now curious what the chances are for Yu Ominae and his fellow ARCAM members to have a part two.

Spriggan | Official trailer | Netflix



Spriggan | Official trailer | Netflix





The Spriggan Season 2: Clue One – Source Material

As noted earlier, production on the second season of the 2022 Spriggan anime reboot has yet to be publicly confirmed. The good news for fans is that there are all indications that development on another season of The Spriggan could begin very soon in the future.

The first indication that Ominai’s adventures may not be over yet is the fact that there are 10 full Volumes of Hiroshi Takashige’s original manga series are available from David Productions.

Anime updates are all too often dependent on the availability of source material, and when a series has more content left to adapt, there’s always a good chance that the Japanese audience will be looking for the entire storyline to be covered.

The Spriggan Season 2: Clue Two – Post-credits scene

Then we have the post-credits scene from episode 6; another sign that a second season of Spriggan could be scheduled for global distribution via Netflix.

After the credits roll for The Forgotten Realm, we see a group of mercenaries killed in a dark forest by another soldier.

He reports that the mission is complete to the mysterious handler, who says, “Time to leave. Cleaning and date. I sent the following mission to your terminal.

The scene then switches to Ominae High School, where a mysterious soldier in a school uniform can be seen looking at a picture of our protagonist Spriggan on his phone…

“Killer Number 43. Also known as Yu Ominae” as his eyes turn red, indicating that he has the same power as the ARCAM warriors.

The Spriggan Season 2: Clue Three – Popularity

The Netflix top 10 list has yet to be updated for weekend content that includes The Spriggan, meaning it’s still hard to gauge how many families have watched the new anime series.

The good news is that the show should prove popular enough to merit a second season. At the time of writing, the Spriggan 2022 reboot has a score of 7.3 out of 10. IMDB and 6.78/10 on MyAnimeList.

While these scores aren’t necessarily high enough to warrant a second season, we have to consider the popularity of the wider franchise, especially in Japan where David Productions is based.

Not only was the original series domestically popular enough to launch a manga in many countries around the world, it also spawned a feature film and a PS2 video game.

Overall, since the 2022 Spriggan anime is only part of partnership contract with Japanese production companies, fans can expect a second season to enter domestic production in the near future as the streaming giant licenses the series for international distribution.

“Sometimes it’s a little predictable and sometimes I wish the characters didn’t have speeches every 10 minutes, but the plot is interesting, the animation is good, the voice acting is amazing, and I love the soundtrack. Also, there are a lot of themes and philosophies touched on in each episode, which I think is one of the most interesting parts of the series.” – User rocafellalaceo, via IMDB.

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