Somers’ D’Ippolito named Gatorade New York State Footballer of the Year

Somer High School All-American Daniel D’Ippolito (13) ended his illustrious college football career by earning the state’s highest honor for NYS Gatorade Boys Footballer of the Year last week.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Big Dipper is called the Plow, a large asterism made up of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

In Section 1 Football, we’re calling Fordham’s Somers football star Daniel D’Ippolito Ursa Major because of the way he blasted his way through New York State rivals on his way to a second Somers title in the state last November, leading the Tuskers with a remarkable result 17-. 2 scoring games in the NYSPHSAA Class A Tournament.

The field was carefully plowed and Ursa Major was digging into the ground, scoring 14 goals and 10 assists throughout the postseason, when D’Ippolito hit a pass the Gatorade guys couldn’t ignore, calling him the New York State Boys Football Player. Year at the end of last week.

“It’s amazing, it’s hard to describe the feeling,” said All-American D’Ippolito, who finished an amazing senior season with 36 goals and 38 assists while maintaining a class average of 94. “It’s really nice to see that all my hard work is paying off and to be able to receive such awards.”

D’Ippolito’s influence was huge, a canyon effect that resonated with teammates and opponents alike due to his competitive yet likable nature.

“Love me Deep,” said Lakeland coach Tim Horahan. “He is one of those kids who is just as respectful outside of the game as he is during the game. Cool game, great guy who is just getting ready for his prime. I expect him to do very well at the next level at Fordham.”

Goals such as this game-winning goal in the group finals against Eastchester became iconic moments in the careers of Somers Sr. and NYS Gatorade Player of the Year Daniel D’Ippolito.

What Deep did in his senior year at Somers is legendary. What he did in the group final, scoring four goals, including equalizing and winning the game in two minutes – erasing a late two-goal gap and wanting his team to beat Eastchester in the title game 6-5 – is things from Somers folklore. “Cool” is a word we now toss around like LOL, but D’Ippolito’s performance in the section final was the very definition of “cool”.

“What he did in his senior year was unmatched in a long time and I would put him in his senior season against anyone in the last decade,” Hurahan added. “That performance in the group stage final, lost by a couple of goals in the second half, became legendary, and then he won the state title.”

Rival coaches since Section 1 and those advancing in the state tournament couldn’t hold back his combination of cunning, speed and strength. The kid was a thoroughbred in a field of stallions.

“You can’t plan a game against him,” Byram Hills coach Matty Allen said. “He is too versatile and smart player. His defense is underrated and he can play in any position. Just as tough as they are.”

Is he always great Section 1? Is D’Ippolito of that kind? Section 1 has had some great ones and is certainly in the spotlight after starting his career at the age of four on a firefield in Somers.

“It would be very fair to put him on a par with the greats of all time,” said Allen, who has seen quite a few great players come through Byram Hills when Section 1 has become a hotbed of football in recent years. “Deep is one of the most complete players I have ever seen and the most clutch player I have ever seen. I think the game against Eastchester is a perfect example. His team fell and he never panicked. He and (Bennett) Leitner could be the best 1-2s I’ve ever seen in Section 1.”

People first saw the future and example of his collegiate career in the fall of 2019 when the budding sophomore scored two goals, including a game-winning title win over Pearl River. From there, D’Ippolito sparked a stampede of Tusker triumphs, including three individual group titles in the last six years under coach Brian Lanceta.

“Being part of Somers football means a lot to me,” said D’Ippolito. “Even without football, the friends for life and the memories I have made over the years are priceless and Somers football will always be a part of me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Gatorade has a long history of serving student-athletes and understands how the sport instills valuable lifelong skills on and off the field. Through the Gatorade Play it Forward platform, D’Ippolito has the opportunity to provide a $1,000 grant to a local or national organization of his choice that helps young athletes realize the benefits of playing sports.

D’Ippolito is also eligible to submit a short video explaining why their chosen organization deserves one of 12 $10,000 grants to be announced throughout the year. To date, Gatorade Player of the Year winners have awarded more than $3.5 million in grants to over 1,300 organizations.

Since the program’s inception in 1985, Gatorade Player of the Year award recipients have won hundreds of professional and collegiate championships, and many have also become mainstays in their communities as coaches, business owners, and educators. D’Ippolito also has a chance to do so.

“Deep is one of the most special players I have ever coached,” Lanzetta said. “I love this child. I believe that one day he will be called to the MLS. I got to spend a weekend with him in Kansas for the All-American weekend and learned what a good, responsible kid he is. He’s a professional.”

As we mention on page 1 of sports, this summer we could use some help describing the exploits of our young athletes/women. If you photography enthusiasts are photographing our youth, please send your top-notch shots to [email protected] with the names of the participants and a brief description of the event. You might even end up on the front page of sports news, like some sniper did this week.

If the MLB season ended today, The Yankees and Mets will make the playoffs, with both teams having MVP nominees in Yankee slugger Aaron Judge and Mets 1B Pete Alonso, as well as Manager of the Year favorites in Aaron Boone and Buck Showalter. . If it continues like this, we might get that coveted Subway series again. However, the Mets still have a couple of weeks to avoid that June swoon we’ve seen too many times. But this team seems different.

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