‘Snowy Mountain’ Review: A Contrived Netflix Reality Show Just As Stupid as Everyone Else

It’s all so stupid, so pimping, so ridiculous, so obviously trolling a certain segment of the population…

And everything is so perfect and completely harmless.

We’re talking about Netflix’s new survival ‘reality show’ Snowflake Mountain’ and giving credit to the people who came up with the title as it’s sure to generate some comments about the virtue signal – oh let’s be honest I’m just throwing in a few potentially incendiary trendy little words, because it’s 2022 and here we are.

It’s one of the more contrived series in the ever-expanding reality TV genre, featuring a host of contestants who are nowhere near as interesting as they think they are, a pair of amiable but rather bland co-hosts, and a necessary mix of flying drone footage, a montage that serves storytelling, constant cuts of participants giving “confessional” interviews – and, of course, some twists and turns that WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Over the past two decades, there has been a flurry of Fish Out of Water competition shows, from The Revenant (we’re season 42 in the US version) to I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. !” to Naked and Scared, to Frontier House, to Dude, You’re Fucked Up, which pretty much describes how I would feel if I only had to watch shows like this.

In Snow Mountain, an admittedly well-produced and carefully edited offering from veteran producers Joe Harcourt-Smith (Sphere) and Cal Turner (Undercover Boss), we meet 10 young people, most of them in around the age of 20 who pride themselves on being lazy and materialistic, lacking basic life skills and not particularly interested in moving out of home.

Their ranks include:

  • Randy, a pro wrestling wannabe, tells us, “My parents hate that I’m still living with them.”
  • Devon, who boasts: “I party 24/7. … I don’t take shit from anyone, I’m a bitch, I like attention.”
  • Olivia, whose mother says, “Her first impulse is to quit smoking, right?” to which Olivia replies, “Yes.”
  • Deandra, who says, “I got fired from three jobs.”
  • Liam, who wants to make sure we know that “when it comes to cleaning, not for me, honey.”

We could go on, but since aside from some mostly superficial differences, this is an interchangeable and largely forgettable bunch of people who THINK they’ve been chosen to stay at a luxury resort to star in a “glamorous new reality show” – so you can only imagine how shocked and outraged they are when they meet co-hosts Matt, a military engineer with almost 10 years of experience, and Joel, “a former Navy munitions disposal specialist.” [technician]basically a sapper squad” and are told that this is essentially a millennial version of the “Survivor”.

While Joel grumbles about how these titular whiners “don’t want to earn anything, they just want handouts,” the nascent members lament the primitive conditions in the forest, clumsily overcoming rudimentary difficulties such as retrieving crates of food from a raft into the middle of a lake. ; felling trees; making a fire; climb a tree; take care of the chickens and go to the mountains. Before all this is over, there will be comings and goings to Snowflake Mountain, messages of support from parent groups, alliances and betrayals, and who knows, maybe one of these superficial little ones will learn something about themselves and become better, you can imagine. It!

Everything is possible at Snezhinka-Mountain. That is, in neatly packaged, obviously contrived, smooth and forgettable 30-minute segments.

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